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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Smoothest Start in WoW History

I see some bloggers are calling last night's release of Warlords of Draenor a disappointing start. And as far as game play goes, I can see it. I mean, I only died once, because I jumped off of a cliff not realizing the Timeless Isle kites are now only usable on Timeless Isle.

As far as expansion releases go, however, I have never seen one go so smoothly. I had two updates to addons and NO warnings that I had too many errors from them. My bags worked, recount was accurate, I think anyway. Tomtom was giving me coordinates. Even sexy map continued to look sexy.

When Wrath dropped I had to use the Blizzard UI and turn off all addons. For weeks!

I'll admit, there was one major hiccup:

It took me about half an hour of jockeying around in this mess before I finally could use the telescope and survey the land. And get my garrison.

All in all I found nothing to be challenging. The story is interesting but not captivating. And I loved MoP and am prejudiced. In other words, WoD is gonna be a hard sell. Still, this franchise has rarely let me down and I have 9 levels to go. I think I'll stick it out. I highly recommend you do the same.