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Friday, June 21, 2013

Confession Bear

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Raven Lord and Professions

So a couple of days after I got the Fiery Warhorse's Reins, I managed to get the Raven Lord.  Woohoo!

I have loved this mount since the first time I played on the PTR and this was the only non-flying mount they gave us.

Hearthyn, seen on the Raven Lord, is the 2nd oldest character on my account and the first one that I created.  (The account was originally my boyfriend's, and I took it over fair and square.)  From day one she has been an alchemist and herbalist.

But I want the Jack of all Trades achievement.  And I didn't know it was changed so that the achievement is account wide and can be attained on alts.

So here she is mining:

 And after I leveled her mining, I made her a jc.  And then I looked up the achievement and realized I spent countless hours and gold for nothing.  Doh!

Maybe not nothing, though.  I am keeping her an alchemist because elixir master comes in handy when raiding, and if I ever go back to raiding I like having the 2 hour flask buff instead of one.  Also, I have learned rare recipes over the years and I don't want to lose those. 

However, herbalism doesn't give much of a boost:  the haste buff from Lifeblood is nice for a caster, but there are other professions that can give better buffs, I'm sure.  In fact, the extra powerful gems from jewel crafting may be better, but I'm leaning toward tailoring for the spell threads, embroidery and an extra bag maker.  The latter will come in handy since I have so many alts, and also as an extra income source.

In the meantime, I'm leveling my paladin's blacksmithing next.  I already have a max tailor.

Happy profession grinding!

Monday, June 10, 2013


I do "Meme Theme Monday" on Old Mother Tucker.  Today's is the "Y U NO" meme.

So here's one for all of you Cata players:

May the RNG be ever in your favor!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Closer to My Goal

I've been farming Karazhan and Sethekk Halls for a couple months now, at least a couple times a week on each of my 9 characters that are able to enter Sethekk Halls, and once each on 7 of the 9 for Kara, simply because it didn't dawn on me sooner that my lower level toons that were still above 80 could clear Attumen the Huntsman.

I still need Deathcharger's Reins from Stratholme, and an Amani Battle Bear from Zul'Aman, but I haven't bothered to look up Strat since they made it a really low level and a 90 heroic.  Zul'Aman I can't quite clear yet without a group, and I have been so busy with Old Mother Tucker that I haven't been doing much other than Kara and Sethekk.

And finally, FINALLY!  After months, and actually a year at least on Kara, my hard work was rewarded:

Isn't he beautiful?

I wish he could fly, but he's gorgeous.

I still need the Reins of the Raven Lord from Sethekk Halls, but for now I'm pretty happy.

Happy Mount Farming!