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Friday, April 26, 2013

Rough Month

April is always a rough month for us.  My boyfriend works in the casino industry, and people in April are more concerned with paying taxes than tipping dealers.  So I've spent most of this month without my WoW subscription while we play catch-up.

Never fear, because I have a trial account!  And why on earth would I have a trial account, when I have so many characters I don't play already?

For exactly times like these.  And for times I don't feel social.

Seriously, I love my friends and wouldn't trade them for any others in the world.  I love the new friends in-game I keep making.

But there are times, especially as a bi-polar woman, when it's better for me to, shall we say, quarantine myself?  Just ask Drakontis.  He'll tell you.  Poor guy, and still a good friend in-game.  But I nearly took his head off one night before a raid right after Cata came out, back when everyone was stressing over the new talent system and I had someone reporting to our GM that I had no clue how to play my druid.  I missed one important change, but I people helped me with it.  And I was still pissed that the person had whispered behind my back instead of coming to me with it.

See my point?  Once I get going, I don't always stop.  So there are definitely times when I really want to play, but should not be allowed around other people, especially friends that I want to keep as friends.

I actually like playing the trial version from time to time.  I haven't played it much since I've been so busy with my new project, Old Mother Tucker  (on tumblr, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest).  But it's kind of neat to start over from scratch without gold or heirlooms.  It's not really like starting from Vanilla, since that content is almost all gone, but we can't keep living in the past, now, can we?  Besides, I started playing in BC just before Wrath, so I don't know what it was like in the beginning anyway.  *sigh* Damn I miss Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh when the Horde would kill our mage friend, and we'd retaliate, and the guards would kill all of us and it would end up looking like a boneyard.  Good Times!

Again I digress.  My point is that sometimes it's good to just enjoy the game without distractions.

Happy Gaming!

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