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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Addons for Dark Soil, Onyx Eggs

I had someone comment on my +YouTube  video Dark Soil that they use an addon to find the little dirt mounds, and I've had several people ask about the addons recently.  So yesterday I did a search from my +Curse client and downloaded the addons for Dark Soil, Onyx Eggs, and Lorewalkers.  In fact, I accidentally downloaded the Loremaster addon first, and now I have a tool for finishing Hearthyn's progress on that achievement.

But I digress.  The addon for Dark Soil is named Dark Soil (go figure).  I also downloaded it's companion, DarkSoilAutoAccept, which allows you to autoaccept the loot from Dark Soil--NICE!  (I've lost sooo many items from getting raped by virmen while someone else swoops in.  NO MORE!)

The addon for the Onyx Eggs is called Cloud Serpent, and the addon for Lorewalker scroll/statue finding is called Lorewalkers.  All three addons require the use of Tomtom.  They make use of its crazy arrow.

I decided to show you how it's affecting my Tiller rep.  Here is my rogue Ravyyn's rep before starting:

Now, as you can see (click on the pictures to see them larger), she has barely begun getting Tiller rep.  Also, I had one Marsh Lily, Ruby Shard, and Blue Feather in her bags.  I'm not sure if there was anything else, but if there was, it wasn't much.

The way all of these addons work is simple.  As soon as you enter a new zone, the crazy arrow will start pointing and underneath it will be a description and the distance.

Notice at the top to the right of the arrow there's a picture of a scroll?  That's for the Lorewalkers rep items. It's a picture of the scroll or statue and the immediate surroundings, so you can see what you should be looking for.  Pretty cool, if you ask me.

And after an hour, this is the progress I made:

I don't have only one Tiller's rep higher because each item retrieved from the Dark Soil is value specific to two of the Tillers.  For instance, Farmer Fung and Gina Mudclaw both like Marsh Lilies.  When I give them anything else, I only get  540 rep, but if I give them a Marsh Lily, I get 945 rep (may vary due to guild perks, etc.).  For this reason, I only give a Tiller someone else's gift if I've already maxed out my rep with the Tillers who usually prefer that gift.

Or when I screw up and don't double check beforehand.

To use the addons you just follow the arrow once you enter a zone.  You can reset them by typing /reload, you can toggle Dark Soil's waypoints on and off by typing /ds or /darksoil, or you can enable/disable them from your addons menu at the character start screen.  Each addon has more instructions and commands available from the "Description" button on +Curse .

As you can see in the picture above, I had no trouble following the arrow to the target location and finding Dark Soil.  The only problem I DID have was trying to use all three.  When I would right click on crazy arrow to remove a waypoint after I found a Lorewalker's item, the Lorewalkers addon tended to quit working for that zone until I left and came back or typed /reload.  They also seemed to start you in random places, sometimes on the other end of the zone, which meant a lot of flying.  But once I got to the starting point, the waypoints came in a mostly convenient and logical sequence.  Once I started at the initial location, hopping from Dark Soil to Dark Soil, or even from Dark Soill to Onyx Egg to Lorewalker scroll or statue was easy.

TLDR:  I would rate Dark Soil and Cloud Serpent a 7 out of 10, Lorewalkers a 6 out of 10, and DarkSoilAutoAccept a 10 out of 10.  They work, for the most part.  You may want to turn Lorewalkers off when you are only looking for the eggs or Dark Soil   They are fairly easy to reset when they quit working.  They do speed up your search for these items.

I hope this helps your hunt.

Happy Rep Grinding!

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