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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ruby Friday

Have you seen the mats for the new mounts?  I guess they expect everyone to have several hundred thousand gold built up by now.

Diralin, pictured below, has 600 engineering, mainly so I could make the Mechano-Hog for my Horde characters.  I have the Mekgineer's Chopper for my Alliance toons already, and was very disappointed when it didn't translate to the hog.  In fact, I ran Wrath heroics the past couple of nights and got her exalted with the Horde Expedition.  I ran to the quartermaster, paid the 300 gold for the pattern...

And it keeps telling me I don't meet the requirements to learn the pattern.  I logged out, logged in, restarted the game, double checked to make sure I'm exalted, disabled my addons:  all to no avail.  Needless to say, I have a ticket in.

But I digress.  Where were we?

Oh, yes, MoP's expensive mats for crafted mounts.

Engineers can make two mounts at max level engineering:  Depleted-Kyparium Rocket and Geosynchronous World Spinner.  Both are similar in mats, the only differences being the need for 200 kyparite and high explosive gunpowder for the Rocket and 12 trillium bars for the Spinner.  Other than that, they both take 12 living steel, 12 Spirit of Harmony, 20 ghost iron bolts, and 3 Orb of Mystery.

Now, it takes a little bit of time to make the living steel if you have an alchemist, and it takes some time to gather the Spirits of Harmony.  You just need a little patience for the Spirits especially.

But the Orbs of Mystery are 18,000 gold each.  20,000 gold if you don't have the guild vendor discount.

EACH!  54,000-60,000 gold just to make one vehicle? No, wait, that's JUST FOR ONE PART!

I wanted to see how that compared to the JC mounts.  They only require one orb, but a stack of gems and a few other items. Here's the pattern for the Ruby Panther.  Expensive, but a little more reasonable.

Once again engineer's get no love.  Okay, the dragonling is adorable!  Even if the Ghost Iron Dragonling gets replaced almost immediately.  But still...

I decided to keep farming, and selling, until I build up enough gold to make one of the engineering mounts.

And in the meantime, I bought this on the auction:

It made me feel a little better.

On a side note, there are crop circles in Kun-Lai Summit:

Happy Gold Farming!

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