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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Four 90's

I got my warlock to 90 yesterday.  I quit queuing for dungeons and just leveled him on Klaxxi quests for the rep.  I have to say, a Gnome looks adorable on the quest "Fear Takes Root" when he gets the size debuff:

He has a little, tiny horse, lmao!

I also got Terrific Trio:

I now have a warlock, 2 druids, and my monk at level 90.

For this expansion, my main is Diralin, my horde monk.  And my main characters are on Terenas, not Korgath.  I like playing on Terenas, since I'm not into pvp and it's a normal server.  And I don't mind playing horde.  I like my new guild.

But I have 11 characters on Korgath.  And I've mostly played Alliance for the last 4 years.

I started leveling Hearthyn because she's always been my main until now, and I am NOT going to leave her behind just because she's no longer my main.  I started leveling the others on Korgath with a specific purpose in mind:  I want as many as possible able to do LFR so I can learn the fights in every aspect (except possibly tank).  I realize not all the mechanics will be there, but the basics are there.

I have to admit, playing my characters on Korgath feels like coming home after being away on a long trip.

Happy Raiding!

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  1. Congrats hon, I only have 1 level 90 so far, soon I might level my rogue then Dk. Thanks for sharing this. Keep it up!