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Friday, November 16, 2012

A Few Tips

I've been playing both Horde and Alliance level 90's now, trying to at least keep the gardens up on my 3 max characters. And during my play time I've noticed some interesting things:

1.  I have caught three Flying Tiger Gourami's to turn in for rep with Nat Pagle down at Anglers Wharf.  I caught these on Hearthyn, my night elf druid.  She was using the Master Kalu'ak Fishing Pole, which increases fishing by 30, and the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, which increases fishing by 5 and adds a lure that increases fishing by 75 for 10 minutes.  She also is an herbalist and had picked a golden lotus just prior to fishing.  I tried to reproduce the results on my troll druid, Dirathyn.  She has max fishing, the Kalu'ak pole, is an herbalist, but doesn't have the fishing hat.  I was NOT able to catch a special fish, even though she picked 2 golden lotus just prior to fishing.  Either I was very lucky on Hearthyn 2 days in a row, the powers that be have granted my first main special treatment (yeah, right!), or now that Thrall got married and became a shaman there is a mass polarity shift in Blizzard headquarters, with the majority now favoring the Alliance, appalled to see their beloved former leader wearing a dress, ball and chain, and are expressing this by giving Alliance characters more perks than Horde.  I prefer to believe the 2nd theory.  Hearthyn is pretty special.  At any rate, maybe this will help you herbalists out there get Nat Pagle rep.

2.  If you are close to being exalted with the Golden Lotus and you decide to try to farm keys to Guo-lai caches, be warned:  I farmed for an hour and a half with no luck before reset last night.  I was only 100 rep away from exalted.  I couldn't get one key.  However, the other night I farmed for 2 hours again and found 3 or 4 keys.  All I can say is, good luck to those of you who try to increase rep this way.  I hope you have something you can farm to break up the monotony in between kills.

3.  When you do get Golden Lotus rep, and you go to kill the last boss in their final chain, when the Crane grants you the wind power?  It lifts you up, way up, and gives you wings. (Red Crane gives you wiiiings!)  You have some control on how high you go and where you land.  Use this to avoid the one-shot lightning (yeah, 3 corpse runs later...) that stretches across the platform.  Also, pick up the lightning spears and throw them at him.  As long as you don't have to jump in the middle of the lightning to get the spear.

And my final tip of the day:

Take the quest to get 1000 arcane dust from Moshu the Arcane in the cave in Shan'ze Dao, Townlong Steppes.  The elite Shan'ze Illusionists seem to drop the most.  When you turn the quest in, you get a portal between Shan'ze Dao and Shado Pan Garrison.  Saves you a LOT of time flying.

Happy Rep Grinding!