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Thursday, November 29, 2012

155 Mounts!

Patch 5.1 is here with new quest hubs and new achievements.  I got the new achievement "We're Going To Need More Saddles" Tuesday.  I really love the kite:

*It mounts quicker than most, too.  That is always nice.  Especially when running from mobs and pvp'ers, or trying to beat someone to that mining node or herb.

Then, after I got that, I got exalted with the Anglers and got the Azure Water Strider mount:

Runs across water!  Awesome!

With 155 mounts now, I started using an addon so I mount a different one almost every time.  There are several on Curse Client, and a guild member recommended GoGoMount.  It usually uses the best mount depending on zone and terrain, etc.  For instance, until I got the Strider, it put me on my Sea Turtle mount when in water.  It's one of the few non-raid oriented addons I use now.

I still keep a couple of individual mounts on my bars just in case I'm in a situation where I need to be sure what mount comes out.

What addons do you use?  Got any favorites?  I would love to know what you love to use.

Happy Questing!

*NOTE:  It must have been a bug.  The jade kite takes the same amount of time to mount as any other mount now.

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