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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Onyx Eggs And Dirt Mounds

Remember Netherwing dailies?  And remember the strangely glowing eggs you could turn in repeatedly, no matter how many dailies you did that day?

And yes, I realize the daily cap has been removed and we can quest to our heart's content.  Probably because there are soooooooo many of them in this expansion.

Want to cut down on the grind?  (This is for those of you who don't know yet.  Obviously!)

To make a long story shorter, you can farm onyx eggs for Order of the Cloud Serpent rep.  They are only found on the tall spires on the Windward Isle, as well as the rock outcroppings and ledges, and even around the egg nests guarded by the cloud serpents (NOT the ones guarded by the sauroks).  They look like this:

They can be hard to see at first, but once you've found a couple you should have no problem.  You turn them in to Elder Anli, and she will ONLY have a blue question mark above her head if you have an egg in your bags.  Once you run out, the question mark goes away.  How cool is that?

As for The Tillers, well you can build rep with the individual tillers faster by finding dirt piles, called Dark Soil, like the one below:

Each dirt pile will contain one of the following:

What you may not realize about these dirt mounds is that, while you can find them from time to time at each of the daily quest hubs (Klaxxi, Golden Lotus, Cloud Serpent, Tillers, Anglers, August Celestials), they are prevalent at the Temple of the Jade Serpent grounds, the area surrounding the entrance to the instance.  They can be found in each of the training circles as well as the surrounding grassy areas.

That is, unless the Sha are attacking.  If the August Celestials quest Behind the Masks is the daily, then the whole area will be phased and the dirt mounds disappear.  I am not sure if they reappear after you turn the quest in, as I'm not that far in my rep grinding and can't do the quest yet.

I can tell you that I flew over the Jade Temple grounds today after quests were reset, and I found 3 mounds on my way to do the Cloud Serpent dailies, and 3 mounds on my way back.

I hope these tips help you shorten your daily grind.

Happy questing!

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