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Monday, October 8, 2012

Dark Moon Faire MOUNTS! Yeah, Baby!

So, I got my horde druid to level 90, have her revered with the Tillers and Klaxxi, am working on Anglers, Lorekeepers, etc.  And the Dark Moon Faire hits.

So I took her to the Faire.  After all, I've been eyeing those mounts for months.  And lo and behold, she had just over 180 tickets finally!  I could get one!  Which, of course, I did:

Alas, I could afford the Darkmoon Dancing Bear, but not the Swift Forest Strider.

And then it hit me.  I've been doing the quests and dailies on Hearthyn, too!  And now all the mounts that aren't faction specific are shared!  Squeeeeeee!

And so:

Now to work on the pets.

Happy Carnivale!

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