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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Strange Thing Happened While I Was Soaring...

I decided to get busy last night and make videos of the onyx eggs and dark soil mounds I told you about yesterday.  And I made them.  And they are below:

Onyx Eggs

Dark Soil

And then I noticed that dailies had reset, so I decided to head to my farm.

Now, as you gain rep to exalted, you get to choose more than just the red kite for the quest Water, Water Everywhere.  And Diralin had the choice to take the blue high altitude kite.

And as I soared above The Heartlands I started noticing little brown circles, and I don't mean the ones that need the water.  I mean little mounds of Dark Soil.  The higher I climbed, the clearer some were to see.

Don't get me wrong, the Jade Temple Grounds is still a great place to farm on days when the August Celestials quest doesn't phase it out.  Especially if you are doing your Order of the Cloud Serpent rep.  It's the perfect spot to stop off on your way in and out of the Arboretum.

And I'm sure on more crowded servers you may need to find other areas to farm Dark Soil in.  I just can't believe I never noticed how many are actually in The Heartlands.  In a couple of hours, because WoW is my life now and I'm just crazy enough to spend that kind of time, I managed to get 3 or 4 more reps up.  Each were already at varying degrees of friendship, so I'm not sure exactly what it equals out to, but at least one was still at the acquaintance level.

At least now you know you  have other options if The Heartlands is too crowded.

Happy Farming!

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