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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MoPped Up.

What did you do for the opening of Mists of Pandaria?  Did you pre-order the digital, pre-order the hard copy from GameStop or another retailer?  Are you going to play the new expansion at all?

I pre-ordered the digital and have been waiting rather anxiously. I have always been fascinated by Asian culture, so this expansion has kept me playing the game for now.

And I wanted to see if I heard Jack Black's voice for any of the new characters.  I thought it would have been hilarious.

So, I prepared for last night eagerly:

The colored water is energy mix.  I have grapes, sugar free cookies, Ritz crackers, water, coke zero, and the baggie in the back has tortillas with peanut butter and either craisins or golden raisins wrapped up in them.  I was PREPARED!

I logged in around 8pm pst, did one last DS with the guild, then went and lined up 25 quests so I could get a head start on XP as soon as MoP went live.

Just before midnight, the quest to go see Garrosh Hellscream (for Horde) popped up on my screen.  SQUEEEEEE!  I grouped up with Krumble from my guild, and we spent the next 12 hours plowing through the new content, skipping most of the cut scenes (which I will see later as I level my Pandaren), and trying to stay ahead of the crowds that kept stealing key mobs from us early on.

It was a BLAST!  Krumble, you are an excellent guide.  He had played the beta some and knew where things are and where we should go next.




I keep forgetting I'm not 20.  Actually, I keep hoping to manipulate my manic episodes (yep, finally figured out I'm bipolar--it explains sooooo much!) so that they happen when I want them to, and not just at random.

By noon I was trying not to fall asleep at the keyboard.

A warlock got Realm First 90 about 4 hours in anyway.

Overall, this expansion is absolutely beautiful.  I've only seen parts of 3 realms and no dungeons yet, nor have I tried pet battles, so I'll reserve final judgment for then.  But so far, well done, Blizzard.  Beautiful landscapes, interesting creatures, and new past times await--in the Mists of Pandaria.

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