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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Final Haircut, Makes Me Said, and I Wanna Be A

As much as I love mohawks, for some reason it was bugging me.  So I went with another 80's doo:

I THINK this is the final cut.

By the way, did you notice her gear score in the bottom right corner?  In WoW figures it's 370.

Do you know how hard I worked to get Hearthyn to her current gear score?  Which, by the way, isn't much higher:

I ground dungeons, then raided 4 nights a week to get her to her current gear score.  And considering I haven't raided much since last August, I think she's doing pretty good.

But I just got Dirathyn to 85 last Friday.  In less than a week, she's gotten almost as far.

Yes, I realize we are at the limbo stage between xpacs.  Yes, I realize that, come September 25th, gear score isn't going to matter until everyone is geared enough to start the MoP raids.  Yes, I realize this happens every time a new expansion comes out.

Still makes me sad.

So I made a new character.

Sing with me now:  (Kid Rock) "I wanna be a


Bet you can't guess why I named her that...

Happy Limbo-ing!

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