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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Red Arrows

Today the Darkmoon Faire ends.   I'm probably the last to notice, but in case I'm not, here are the words on the red arrows on the path leading into the Darkmoon Faire:

The pictures above feature my latest character, a troll druid named Dirathyn.  My friend from my old guild said, "You should make a toon on Terenas and join this guild."  And I said, "But all my mains are on Korgath."  And he pouted.  (This is how I remember it.)

So I made Dirathyn.

She's a troll druid, and I thought I was making her green, but she's blue.  Hmmmm...

I love her kitty look:

But more importantly, I made a troll druid for one reason and one reason only:  her flight form will be a bat.  I want a flying bat.


Have Fun At The Faire!

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