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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Record Rares?

I spent today leveling my only horde character on Korgath, a troll hunter named Nomoammo.  I bet you can't guess when I first made her...

I was always against having characters of opposite factions on the same server.  Then my buddy from my old guild said, "Make a horde toon and help me level."  So I made my hunter.  And then Cata dropped and we both quit playing our horde characters.

Slowly over the last year or so, I've been leveling her.  Today I took her from level 57 to level 62.  She had a beautiful sunset as she waited to take over the Stadium:

I decided to keep her and let her hunt mining bots, since my Ally toons can't hunt the Alliance bots.

Then, since I started making those rare guide movies and am hooked on getting Frostbitten once again, I hopped on Thyora and took a tour of Northrend to see what, if anything, was out.  In an hour and a half, I got these:

Old Crystalbark:

Zul'Drak Sentinel:

Seething Hate:

I thought the alive and dead pictures might be better for Seething Hate.

And Tukemuth:

I felt like I hit the rare spawn mother load!

Happy Leveling!