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Saturday, July 28, 2012


Yep, another 85.  That makes 8.  Here she is in her improved flying form:

I got a hard lesson in why I hate LFG again.  Yep, I hit 85 and tried to grind dungeons for Justice and Valor Points.  Now, mind you, this WAS on a Friday.

I did make it through several dungeons without MAJOR incident, but then I got my first ilevel 378 piece, and yes, just hours after hitting 85 (I couldn't believe it either) I was put in a Zul'Gurub group.  2 tanks and 5 party members later, including MYSELF once ( I left group, and it put me back in with them), I gave up for the day.  It wasn't so much the wipe after wipe, it was being told that the spell Venoxis cast that killed me, the one DBM kept screaming "Interrupt Now", was uninterruptible...

I decided it was time to let the kids play and for the grownups to find other things to do.  I went fishing.

And rare hunting.  On Dirathyn and on my warlock, Zalok.  He was able to help me update the Bloody Rare page with some pics, thank goodness.  At least the rest of my day wasn't a total waste!

What do you do when you get a bad LFG group?

Happy Grinding!


  1. When I get a bad LFG group I'll just either quit the group and continue questing, or I'll quit and do fishing or skinning for my hunter, or if I'm in the mood I'll look for another group or bug my guild to see if anyone want to run with me. Gratz on yet another 85. geez. I only have 1 85 toon and I'm trying to level this worgen hunter.

  2. I usually just requeue, but I was afraid that day I'd get the same group again, lmao.