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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blizzard Hates Me

So, I decided to work on some of the "easy" achievements yesterday.  Here's how the conversation went down at Blizzard headquarters:

"Uh, sir, there's increased activity in The Limnologist sectors.  I think we have a live one here."

"Who is it?"


"Hearthyn?  Ah, she's been trying for Time-Lost Proto-Drake for three years, too.  Let her get all but Sickly Looking Fish and Goldenscale Vendorfish.  Bump those drops down to 1:3000 for her."

"Of course, sir."  Evil laughter by all.

And here's my progress:

I took out my anger and disappointment on an orc saboteur npc:

That's right, attack me and I'll pound you into a rock!

And now, I go back to grinding an "easy" achievement.

Happy Grinding!

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