The purpose of this blog is to document my joys, frustrations, unique finds and general information pertaining to my experiences playing World of Warcraft.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back to WoW

I don't know what it is:  maybe the attention to detail, and I mean details like shadows on the ground, bugs and frogs hopping and flying by, birds flying in the air, wind blowing through the fields and trees, etc.

Maybe it's the story lines, some weak, some stronger, some sentimental, and some downright essential to the main theme.

Maybe it's because what few friends I still have in the gaming world are still playing it.

Whatever it is, I always come back to World of Warcraft.

Yeah, I'm still playing SW: TOR.  I suppose I should say, I'm hardly playing either game.

I love my job, but it doesn't leave much room for playing.  And lately, since it's winter and fibromyalgia doesn't like cold weather, when I'm not working I haven't been feeling too great.  And let me tell you:  if all I feel like doing is watching TV or sleeping, I'm REALLY not feeling good.  I NEVER watch TV.  There's not a lot of quality content there, imho.

So, lately on the rare occasions I've both had the time and the energy to play, I've been drawn more and more back to  World of Warcraft .

I think a lot of it has to do with the amount of group quests in SW: TOR  Unlike WoW, where there's only a few and they don't take too long usually, in SW: TOR the major quests that give you the most rewards and help  you move onto the next planet are group quests taking anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or more to complete them.

I hate LFG in WoW.  There are times I can't spend up to an hour on one project.  I usually do laundry on my days off, which means I either need to a.) quest alone or b.) make people wait 20 minutes while I run downstairs, fold it, and pop the next load in.  NOT cool.

And yes, I miss raiding, but I always made sure I had laundry done, dinner eaten, drinks handy, etc. for raid nights.  Every once in awhile I would put on a pot of coffee during a particularly long regathering after a wipe, or during a scheduled raid break, but otherwise I tried to not interrupt the flow.

So when I'm just questing, to suddenly not be able to move on and make progress until I do a group quest and spend at least half an hour on it, provided I get people that actually know how to use crowd control, etc., well, it's a pita (pain in the...).

So basically, even though there are things in WoW at the moment that bore the hell out of me, I probably won't renew my  SW: TOR  membership when the 3 months timecard runs out.  Perhaps if my schedule changes and I have more time to devote to gaming again I'll pick it back up.  But unless I can do solo quests and have fun when not in a group, I think I'm gonna have to pass for now.

Happy Gaming!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Thanks, Blog Azeroth!

I feel so ashamed.  I haven't gotten a notice from Blog Azeroth in weeks, so I thought they discontinued the whole "Blog of the Week" feature.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by!

And for the rest of you, I'm sure you have been wondering where in Azeroth I have been the last month or so.  Well, frankly, SWTOR.  I pre-ordered and got started early.  And even with pre-ordering, my Sith Inquisitor is only level 21 right now.  Work kept me hopping over the holidays.  Here's my Sith Sith:

I love her mohawk.

Now, don't worry, I haven't completely abandoned Hearthyn and Ravyyn and Zalok and Diralei, etc.  I am not done with the world of Azeroth yet.

But when I was, oh, 10 maybe?  My parents took me and my brothers to the drive-in.  (Movie theaters were sometimes outdoors on huge screens back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.)  And there, on the big screen, for it's second showing at theaters, we watched the wonder that was Star Wars, before it became Episode 4.  Luke and Leia and Han Solo, all bigger than life, in a story so epically and beautifully told.

I've been hooked ever since.

So naturally, when I learned of Star Wars: The Old Republic coming out as an MMORPG, well, I had to try it.

I have to say this:  I have tried Everquest, Luvinia, Guild Wars, Lord of the Rings Online, and several other MMO's.  WoW is the only one that kept my interest until now.  SWTOR is, well, pretty freaking cool.  After all, my Inquisitor shoots lightning from her hands, gets her own spaceship and gets to play with lightsabers.  In my book, the only thing that tops that is getting to fly on dragons.

So yes, I will be returning to World of Warcraft.  Eventually.

Happy New Year!