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Monday, August 29, 2011


My day now consists of A) getting up at 4am;  B)  learning about products and packages until 2pm;  C)  coming home and passing out before starting it all up again.

I am working 6 days to get my 40 hours in, too.  The joys of the J O B. hehe

So, as soon as my weekend started mid-Saturday, I decided to level my rogue.   This is my rogue, Ravyyn:

Now, I have six 85's already.  I have NOT been doing my Hyjal dailies even on my main.  I just can't seem to get into them--they are repetitious and boring, imho.  Also, I am trying to get this blog back to being "My World of Whoa" and not "My World of Woe"... 

Seriously, the ganking situation may have improved, but I decided I really do not want my mornings muddied with expletives and generalized faction slander, followed by the hurling of some various object, usually my headset. 

So I started leveling my rogue, in between Plants vs Zombies.  Plants vs Zombies has become my new comfort.  When I only have a few minutes, or seriously little patience for playing mains on a pvp server, I hit PvZ instead.

But I digress.  I started leveling my rogue, and I got her from level 52 to level 61 between Saturday afternoon and Sunday night. Yay!

I had her in combat spec to begin with.  I believe I had switched from her assassination spec to add talent points and had just left her in it.  I was doing about 220 dps according to recount, and she was usually dead last for dps in the few randoms I did.  This was Saturday.

Sunday, after several levels, I decided to add the talents in assassination and play her in that spec awhile, to get used to the rotation and set up my bars again, etc. 

WHOA!  What a difference a spec makes!  Now, I know I went up past 60, but I was still only doing @ 220 dps in combat.  I started doing anywhere from 380 to 450 dps in assassination--that's right, double what I was doing in combat with her.  So, I either am not doing things right in combat, or at this level assassination simply rocks.

It's probably me.  I'm a druid at heart.

Have fun!


  1. I don't know what it is but, assassination spec while leveling seems faster than sub or combat, although it keeps getting looked over ^_^ grats on leveling :D

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I believe someone told me that, and I just got lazy about switching specs. Then I quit playing her for awhile and forgot about it. Lesson learned!