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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Breaking the Haste Barrier

Whoa!  2135!  I have FINALLY passed the 2005 haste mark!  Woot!!!!  One more tick of Wild Growth!

Actually, I replaced a haste gem with an intellect one, so my haste now is 2095.  It is soooo nice to be able to gem int again!

I won the Cowl of the Clicking Menace last night off of Beth'tilac.  Look at that haste!

I raided with some old friends again last night, and we got all but Alysrazor, Majordomo Staghelm and Ragnaros down.  Yep--this week, 4 bosses in one night instead of 3.  I'm so proud!  I went from only doing one trash run to downing all but 3 of the bosses in 2 weeks.  Yes!

Not only that, but I FRAPSed!  And except for a couple of lag spikes, I had no problems running FRAPS and raiding!  You do not know how nice that is for me, seriously.  My old computer--I'm surprised I could raid at all.

So, I'll be editing and uploading as soon as possible.  I'll share the links when I get done.  So you can see how awesome I did.

And how I never stood in fire.

And how I always kept harmony and efflorescence up.

And how I never died to other boss mechanics that are just plain STUPID to die from.

And how I kept all of my assignments alive.

Honest.  I was perfect.

By the way, I have a bridge I'm selling in Brooklyn.  Know anyone that's in the market for one?

Learn to laugh at yourself and have fun!

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