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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bloody Awesome!

I meant to post this the day it happened, but I've been busy editing videos, and then losing the data and having to start all over again.

Or having my video's music track muted by Youtube for copyright infringement, even though the song is public by the original artist on their Myspace page (I was shocked, too--people do actually still use Myspace!), and there are 7 pages of videos, 25 featuring the song they muted on me on the first page alone, when you do a Youtube search of the song in question.

I do not want to rob an artist of commissions due to them.  I used to sing and write, copyrighted my works, and I would never want to "steal" from someone.  However, exposure is a good thing, too.  And I did buy the mp3 download for my video.

*Sigh!  I'm redoing the video with techno music from Positively Dark.  He let's you download for free and use them on your  Youtube videos as long as you credit him and provide a link to his site.  If you need background music, or just want something to listen to, head on over to http://www.entropymusic.com.

I'll post a link of the video when it's done.

In the meantime, Whoa!  On August 4th, my death knight got Bloody Rare!  WOOHOO!

Now, you KNOW, if you've been following, that I love rare farming.  I'm still trying for Frostbitten on my hunter--yep, this whole time?  Been stuck on Putridus.

For this achievement, I did nothing special except fly around following the NPC Scan map overlays.  It simply took me several times over 2 or 3 weeks--of course, that will depend on your server population, how  many players are leveling in Outland, and how many players are going back for this achievement, too.  And of course the good old RNG...grrrr.  (I blame it for my hunter being stuck on Putridus!)

So, if you haven't done it yet, take the Dark Portal and fly around some.  Mine some ore, too, if you're a miner--Khorium still sells fairly decently, and so do the other two.  And if you haven't already, don't forget to fish the different spots you need for Outland Angler as you hunt for rares.

Good luck and Happy Hunting!

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