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Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Blog Design

I was checking out some forums at Blog Azeroth, and I came across a post for the Wow Model Viewer.  It intrigued me, so I downloaded it, played around a bit, and ended up with a new look for the blog.  What do you think?  Yes? No?


  1. I like the concept. In fact I'm probably going to use it on mine with my character!! =P But I'll put it in the header image, or create a background image that is all one color around the blog with an over sized header maybe. Honest opinion, with the tiled look, I can't see all of any of the images. But that might be because of my screen size that I view it on. Like I said though, I like the concept, because it adds your character to it instead of like mine, just a general warlock type of header. Going to go play with this now!! =)

  2. I am not good with picture editors. However, I didn't necessarily want the whole picture to be viewed--it's supposed to be the background image to the blog.