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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Starting Over

So, as you know, I started new toons on Smolderthorn and joined Deeps More Deeping, The Daily Blink's guild.  (Their new strip is out, just click on their name to go to it.)

Now, I haven't transferred any of my other toons over, not even one of my 85's.  Nor do I plan to.  I think I spent enough on this game when I bought the second mount.

So that means I am doing things the old fashioned way--no BoA's, not much gold for bags, having to kill stuff and vendor it so I can pay for training, etc.  With one exception--I made a death knight.

Now, you may ask, "Shannon, if you don't plan on using the death knight as your main, why make one?"  The answer is simple--I don't know of any other toon that graduates from the starting zone at level 58 and comes with a horse.  And since they lowered flying to 225 gold, it's even easier to put this former warrior class to good work--as a farmer.

I know what you're thinking, and yes, they hate it.  I mean, they are warriors, a hero class, and want to be out killing the Lich King and going after Deathwing.

But my priest needs bags.  And shiny things.  Like BoA's.

So, my formidable warrior is a miner and skinner, and I put her to work right away.  See, I hate going to Outland and NOT being able to mine fel iron.  The stuff is just too valuable.  So is the knothide leather.  So I don't just graduate my dk from dk school, take the Walk of Shame, and then head straight for Outland, oh no.  I spent the last 2 or 3 days leveling her professions.  I even got her cooking up to 300.  Whoa!

And that last leg, the hardest part to leveling cooking, the one that takes Raw Whitescale Salmon?  If you click on the link, the first map you see is of a lake in Blasted Lands, just around the corner from The Dark Portal.  As you can imagine, my fishing was very low, mid 40's.  Still, I had no problem fishing up enough of the salmon to finish leveling my cooking, and here's proof:

Notice the lower right corner.

Now, I admit, even though I mined all that ore and put most on the auction, I did help out the guild a little, too.  Some of my ore and skins went to helping some level their professions, or simply went into the guild bank.  Because of this, I didn't quite have enough for flying when I first got to Thrallmar.  In fact, I had to rob from my priest and druid to get it, and I still don't have my flight master's license so I can fly in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor.  I am confident I will have it soon, though, maybe even tonight.  In fact, lemme check...aww, nope.  I'm not even halfway there with my sales.   Oh well, it'll happen.  I'm sure of it.


Happy questing!

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