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Friday, June 10, 2011

New Comp

I haven't posted lately because I got a new computer built.  Those 28-1 fps lag spikes didn't go away like I thought when I got the new router.  So I have a quad core AMD 3.21 ghz processor and an ATI Radeon 5800 graphics card, among other things.  Now I can FRAPS, Whoa!

And what this really means is I'm still trying to reset everything--all of my UI settings on each toon, not to mention my bookmarks for all of my favorite internet sites, program downloads I need, etc.

So I will hopefully get back in the swing of things real soon here.  I have some plans to start really reading up on Aeonaxx and Poseidus and start camping them soon.  However, from what I'm reading Poseidus has a 72 hour respawn timer, and it resets with server restarts.  So...*sigh.  I probably will NOT bore you with the details of that camp, unless I actually find him and get the mount.  (And you thought TLPD was rare??)

I'm still in Deeps More Deeping, too.  In fact, a couple of my friends joined me and seem to really be having fun with Mike, Chris and the whole gang.  Unfortunately I've missed out on a lot of it this last week, but I'm looking forward to next week.  And no, I do not know Mike and Chris.  I have never been in a guild with them even, until now.  I really love The Daily Blink, though.  I think it's well crafted and just plain funny.

Remember, whatever you do, have fun doing it.


  1. Thanks! I thought my old comp was fine, but wow--what a difference a graphics card makes!