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Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Third Grey Camel Mount!

Sundays seem like the perfect time lately to hunt for rares.  I would have thought they would be horrible, seeing that the kids are out of school now and many people have that day off.  But it's summertime, and apparently it's also a good day to go to Church, visit relatives, hit the beach, etc.

So I spent most of today farming rares.  I finally got Frostbitten on my death knight on Korgath.  I forgot to take a screenshot...grrrr.

And since I finally got Frostbitten on her, and since I still needed the grey camel mount from the Mysterious Camel Figurines in Uldum, I headed on over there with her.  Sure enough, on one of the floating cement blocks in the water south of the Ruins of Ammon, there was a camel figurine.  So, I clicked on it.

I know, many still have not even seen the camel figurines, much less actually found the one that whisks you to the steam pools.  But as of today, my death knight now joins my druid main and my warlock in having the distinct title of "the Camel Hoarder".  Whoa!

And, true to form, here's video proof:

That's right.  I'm good.  Except for standing in the white circles at first.  And forgetting I had Path of Frost.

Happy Hunting!


  1. Gratz, you lucky dog! I've still yet to find a single figurine, I don't know how you manage it! enjoy your flaily camel mount! XD


  2. It's my understanding that they have a 24 hour respawn timer. I haven't researched enough to confirm this, but it appears to be true--every figurine I have found has been between 2pm and 4pm realm time on Korgath. I just keep checking back @ that time, and sure enough, I've found 3 that way.

  3. Grats Shannon! Man I have never seen one! I envy all you guys with lots or rare sightings :P