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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Hate Bullies

Over the last couple of days a drama has been unfolding on Korgath.  I am so sick of drama.

But I had to say something about it here, because frankly, I'm sickened by the actions of some of my old guild members from The Naked Fear.  I'm not happy with some of my new guild members in Bad Karma either.  So, I'm officially retiring my characters on Korgath.  My mains.  My babies.  I'm not transferring them.  I'm retiring them.

When my boyfriend first wanted me to try out World of Warcraft, I was skeptical.  My experience in playing with actual humans behind the characters so far was negative to say the least.  I didn't want to get asked to "cyber", asked other personal questions, or get bullied.  But he talked me into trying the game anyway, and I've been hooked for almost 3 years now.

Not once have I ever regretted picking the game up.

Until yesterday, when I read "Babykiller who can't handle shit" on a Navy vet's public note.  A Navy vet dealing with ptsd because of his service overseas.  Apparently, one of TNF's members, and I heard he's been promoted to an officer but I haven't verified that, decided it would be funny to join Bad Karma, send death threats to one of it's officers, and change several of our public notes.

The Naked Fear used to be a great, proud, wonderful guild.  It saddens me that one of their members could sully their good name, sinking it to a new all-time low.  It saddens me that no one has done anything about this rogue member yet, in fact, comments were made on their forums to the officer that allegedly (I have not seen them, but I'm confident he actually got them) got the death threats to, and I quote, "continue to suck more lawl".

So, this morning I will be pulling my characters out of Bad Karma and parking them in my bank alt's guild, with the help of one of my boyfriend's characters.  This is a continued feud between these two people going back to when we all were in TNF.  I'm sick of the drama, and I will not associate with cyber bullies, period.  The person from TNF that changed the guild notes and started this drama back up has been removed from my realid list and my Facebook friends list as well.

This saddens me to no end.  It took years for The Naked Fear to build into the great guild it was at it's height.  It has only taken a few people to completely tear it down to the shameful state it's in now.  I feel sorry for the good people that remain.  I am ashamed of the people tearing it down, and the people standing by watching and laughing.  I'm hoping they just don't know the whole story.  I'm hoping they just don't realize exactly what their member did when he temporarily joined Bad Karma.  I'm hoping they read this and fix the problem.

You can find me on Smolderthorn now.  As long as it stays drama free.

Have fun.  And remember, others are paying and playing to have fun, too.


  1. The lows people can sink too amaze me sometimes. I'm sorry you're having to deal with such immature and disrespectful people.

    When the raiding guild I had been in went through a dramatic fall apart and most of the officers and GM rerolled to horde, they all took the opportunity to be very rude to everyone who was left, entirely without provocation. Eventually they got bored of it and stopped when we gave them no reaction besides ignoring them. Here's hoping the petty people in your old guild eventually stop their behavior and grow up too!

    Don't give up! Drama eventually passes; maybe one day you can return to your mains and continue on them in peace!


  2. I almost just removed my characters without saying anything to either party. But that is how cyber bullying is allowed to continue. And I really feel cyber bullying is what this has escalated into, and I find that deplorable.

  3. Welcome to the dark side (fully this time it sounds like) =) I've had nothing but absolute fun on Smolderthorn since I moved over there. In fact, for the first time being back in the game, I'm actually looking forward to raiding with these guys. And I'm more into PvP so that is saying a lot.

  4. Yeah, what a mess, and I'm out of it now.