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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Goblin Starting Area

After hearing me go on about my new horde toons and Deeps More Deeping, The Daily Blink's guild on Smolderthorn, my boyfriend Mark decided to make a horde character there.  Of course, there was one condition--that I make one, too, and level with him.

I try not to be an elitist.  I try to remember that not everyone has played the game since forever.  I try to remember that just because some things, like setting up UI's for instance, may be relatively easy for me, others may have a hard time with it.

I usually try and fail.

Well, he's the one that got me to try World of Warcraft in the first place.  We used to raid together.  He used to be one of the top dps on his death knight.

Then he went back to work--we were both unemployed at the time we raided together, thank you horrible economy.  And when he went back to work, suddenly WoW became a "child's game".  I believe this was mainly due to the fact he got the night shift and had to sleep during raiding hours.  So if he couldn't do it, well, it was time for me to "grow up" too.

Silly man.

Therefore, I have a hard time having patience when he asks basic things, such as how to unlock his action bars.

And we usually don't play together for long.  In fact, we usually end up yelling at each other.  Ok, I usually end up yelling at him.  Screaming horrible things.  Like "NOOB!"

Surprisingly, I lasted a whole 10 levels with him yesterday.  We both rolled Goblins--he made a priest, and I made a hunter--and we really enjoyed the Goblin starting zone.

And I have to say, if I could have driven a car, rode a cat, and flown a helicopter in any of the other starting zones?  I would have my alts leveled already.

Whoa!  I love the Goblin starting zone.  How can you not love running people over in order to collect loot?  There's even a  Mechashark X-Steam you use to kill The Hammer, a huge shark.  FUN!




One of the first quests had me cracking up.  You feed explosive bananas to the monkeys.  If you haven't watched yet, start a Goblin and pay attention to what happens to the monkeys after you feed them a banana.  Mark had to wait for me to quit laughing so we could finish the quest.

Sigh!  If only Goblins weren't so ugly...(is THAT why Blizzard made the starting zone so cute?)

I wonder what the noob's gonna want to do today?

Have fun!


  1. Hey now, we Gobs are very nice looking. Plus we have lots of gold, a personal banker, and rockets! Yes, rockets! Orcs just smell, Trolls eat you, Tauren are only good for tipping, Blood Elves have to much hair spray, and the Undead, well yea....

  2. LOL! Actually, I think my hunter is rather pretty--for being short and green.

  3. And let's not forget who we find caged up on those boats right before we get turned into an amazing freaking cyclone of mass destruction. Goblins are the whole reason the world isn't screwed thanks to our rescue of that one, pivotal individual.

  4. Let's hope he forgets we helped put him there in the first place...