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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Deeps More Deeping, and Progress

Whoa!  I'm in.  Yep, got my lowbie troll priest in Deeps More Deeping, the guild for The Daily Blink fans and friends.  I know, I know--what the HELL am I thinking??

I mean, I already have six alliance 85's on Korgath.  I already have seven horde characters on Drak'thul I'm NOT playing.  Not to mention two other toons each on Silvermoon and Aerie Peak, toons that I probably should have deleted long ago but for some reason just can't.

I'm an officer in Bad Karma.  I raid 3-4 nights per week when I'm not in dire pain.

And frankly, I'm really bored.  And I mean bored to the point that I have no interest in Firelands.  No interest in playing the ptr to see what it's all about.  No interest in even reading the patch notes and guild strategies being developed as we speak.  I watched part of a couple of live feeds one day, and I logged into the ptr, but that is all I have done.

Maybe I'm just burned out.   I mean, I have been raiding for the most part of the last 2 years straight.  That's a lot of repair bills, boss fight videos, flasks, food, etc., and it's just never ending. 

And yet, I feel like there is so much to this game that I don't know yet.  How can I be bored?

So, I'm gonna play with Mike and Chris and the gang, at least for a little while--probably till they kick me.  I'm still gonna mainly play on Korgath in Bad Karma with my other friends.  I just want to make new friends.  And do some new things. 

And I'm still camping rares now and then, too--I got a little closer to getting the achievement on my hunter last night.  And I snapped some pics.

Yeah, I had to get it.  I love the new mount!

Have fun!

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