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Friday, June 3, 2011

Daily Blink Fan Guild & One More Rare

The guys at The Daily Blink  started horde characters on Smolderthorn, and they formed a guild for their fans that wanna join.   I made a troll priest early this morning, and as soon as I see someone on, I'm going to see if they'll invite me.  Just because it sounds like fun.  Well, also because I love The Daily Blink. You can read all about their new guild and character names if you click on their link.

Now:  I apologize.  I haven't been camping rares for Frostbitten as much lately.  There are two reasons for this:  first, I burned myself out on it the week I tried to prove to you I could do it in 5 days or less; and second, I've still been feeling like crap.  I didn't even raid for a week there.

And during that week, other than learning Peggle doesn't help me stay calm, I discovered that Google Chrome has an app for Angry Birds, I bought Plants Vs. Zombies, got a WII because they're cheap now and my sister told me MarioKart is awesome, and I got a new router.  No more 28-1 fps lag spikes.  Yay!

The last couple of days I have been at least logging in and checking the rare spawn spots.  I got Aotona on my hunter today.  And I tamed Loque'nahak yesterday.

I'm starting to feel better maybe...Whoa!

Happy Hunting!

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