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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Hate Bullies

Over the last couple of days a drama has been unfolding on Korgath.  I am so sick of drama.

But I had to say something about it here, because frankly, I'm sickened by the actions of some of my old guild members from The Naked Fear.  I'm not happy with some of my new guild members in Bad Karma either.  So, I'm officially retiring my characters on Korgath.  My mains.  My babies.  I'm not transferring them.  I'm retiring them.

When my boyfriend first wanted me to try out World of Warcraft, I was skeptical.  My experience in playing with actual humans behind the characters so far was negative to say the least.  I didn't want to get asked to "cyber", asked other personal questions, or get bullied.  But he talked me into trying the game anyway, and I've been hooked for almost 3 years now.

Not once have I ever regretted picking the game up.

Until yesterday, when I read "Babykiller who can't handle shit" on a Navy vet's public note.  A Navy vet dealing with ptsd because of his service overseas.  Apparently, one of TNF's members, and I heard he's been promoted to an officer but I haven't verified that, decided it would be funny to join Bad Karma, send death threats to one of it's officers, and change several of our public notes.

The Naked Fear used to be a great, proud, wonderful guild.  It saddens me that one of their members could sully their good name, sinking it to a new all-time low.  It saddens me that no one has done anything about this rogue member yet, in fact, comments were made on their forums to the officer that allegedly (I have not seen them, but I'm confident he actually got them) got the death threats to, and I quote, "continue to suck more lawl".

So, this morning I will be pulling my characters out of Bad Karma and parking them in my bank alt's guild, with the help of one of my boyfriend's characters.  This is a continued feud between these two people going back to when we all were in TNF.  I'm sick of the drama, and I will not associate with cyber bullies, period.  The person from TNF that changed the guild notes and started this drama back up has been removed from my realid list and my Facebook friends list as well.

This saddens me to no end.  It took years for The Naked Fear to build into the great guild it was at it's height.  It has only taken a few people to completely tear it down to the shameful state it's in now.  I feel sorry for the good people that remain.  I am ashamed of the people tearing it down, and the people standing by watching and laughing.  I'm hoping they just don't know the whole story.  I'm hoping they just don't realize exactly what their member did when he temporarily joined Bad Karma.  I'm hoping they read this and fix the problem.

You can find me on Smolderthorn now.  As long as it stays drama free.

Have fun.  And remember, others are paying and playing to have fun, too.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Third Grey Camel Mount!

Sundays seem like the perfect time lately to hunt for rares.  I would have thought they would be horrible, seeing that the kids are out of school now and many people have that day off.  But it's summertime, and apparently it's also a good day to go to Church, visit relatives, hit the beach, etc.

So I spent most of today farming rares.  I finally got Frostbitten on my death knight on Korgath.  I forgot to take a screenshot...grrrr.

And since I finally got Frostbitten on her, and since I still needed the grey camel mount from the Mysterious Camel Figurines in Uldum, I headed on over there with her.  Sure enough, on one of the floating cement blocks in the water south of the Ruins of Ammon, there was a camel figurine.  So, I clicked on it.

I know, many still have not even seen the camel figurines, much less actually found the one that whisks you to the steam pools.  But as of today, my death knight now joins my druid main and my warlock in having the distinct title of "the Camel Hoarder".  Whoa!

And, true to form, here's video proof:

That's right.  I'm good.  Except for standing in the white circles at first.  And forgetting I had Path of Frost.

Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Goblin Starting Area

After hearing me go on about my new horde toons and Deeps More Deeping, The Daily Blink's guild on Smolderthorn, my boyfriend Mark decided to make a horde character there.  Of course, there was one condition--that I make one, too, and level with him.

I try not to be an elitist.  I try to remember that not everyone has played the game since forever.  I try to remember that just because some things, like setting up UI's for instance, may be relatively easy for me, others may have a hard time with it.

I usually try and fail.

Well, he's the one that got me to try World of Warcraft in the first place.  We used to raid together.  He used to be one of the top dps on his death knight.

Then he went back to work--we were both unemployed at the time we raided together, thank you horrible economy.  And when he went back to work, suddenly WoW became a "child's game".  I believe this was mainly due to the fact he got the night shift and had to sleep during raiding hours.  So if he couldn't do it, well, it was time for me to "grow up" too.

Silly man.

Therefore, I have a hard time having patience when he asks basic things, such as how to unlock his action bars.

And we usually don't play together for long.  In fact, we usually end up yelling at each other.  Ok, I usually end up yelling at him.  Screaming horrible things.  Like "NOOB!"

Surprisingly, I lasted a whole 10 levels with him yesterday.  We both rolled Goblins--he made a priest, and I made a hunter--and we really enjoyed the Goblin starting zone.

And I have to say, if I could have driven a car, rode a cat, and flown a helicopter in any of the other starting zones?  I would have my alts leveled already.

Whoa!  I love the Goblin starting zone.  How can you not love running people over in order to collect loot?  There's even a  Mechashark X-Steam you use to kill The Hammer, a huge shark.  FUN!




One of the first quests had me cracking up.  You feed explosive bananas to the monkeys.  If you haven't watched yet, start a Goblin and pay attention to what happens to the monkeys after you feed them a banana.  Mark had to wait for me to quit laughing so we could finish the quest.

Sigh!  If only Goblins weren't so ugly...(is THAT why Blizzard made the starting zone so cute?)

I wonder what the noob's gonna want to do today?

Have fun!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Starting Over

So, as you know, I started new toons on Smolderthorn and joined Deeps More Deeping, The Daily Blink's guild.  (Their new strip is out, just click on their name to go to it.)

Now, I haven't transferred any of my other toons over, not even one of my 85's.  Nor do I plan to.  I think I spent enough on this game when I bought the second mount.

So that means I am doing things the old fashioned way--no BoA's, not much gold for bags, having to kill stuff and vendor it so I can pay for training, etc.  With one exception--I made a death knight.

Now, you may ask, "Shannon, if you don't plan on using the death knight as your main, why make one?"  The answer is simple--I don't know of any other toon that graduates from the starting zone at level 58 and comes with a horse.  And since they lowered flying to 225 gold, it's even easier to put this former warrior class to good work--as a farmer.

I know what you're thinking, and yes, they hate it.  I mean, they are warriors, a hero class, and want to be out killing the Lich King and going after Deathwing.

But my priest needs bags.  And shiny things.  Like BoA's.

So, my formidable warrior is a miner and skinner, and I put her to work right away.  See, I hate going to Outland and NOT being able to mine fel iron.  The stuff is just too valuable.  So is the knothide leather.  So I don't just graduate my dk from dk school, take the Walk of Shame, and then head straight for Outland, oh no.  I spent the last 2 or 3 days leveling her professions.  I even got her cooking up to 300.  Whoa!

And that last leg, the hardest part to leveling cooking, the one that takes Raw Whitescale Salmon?  If you click on the link, the first map you see is of a lake in Blasted Lands, just around the corner from The Dark Portal.  As you can imagine, my fishing was very low, mid 40's.  Still, I had no problem fishing up enough of the salmon to finish leveling my cooking, and here's proof:

Notice the lower right corner.

Now, I admit, even though I mined all that ore and put most on the auction, I did help out the guild a little, too.  Some of my ore and skins went to helping some level their professions, or simply went into the guild bank.  Because of this, I didn't quite have enough for flying when I first got to Thrallmar.  In fact, I had to rob from my priest and druid to get it, and I still don't have my flight master's license so I can fly in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor.  I am confident I will have it soon, though, maybe even tonight.  In fact, lemme check...aww, nope.  I'm not even halfway there with my sales.   Oh well, it'll happen.  I'm sure of it.


Happy questing!

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Comp

I haven't posted lately because I got a new computer built.  Those 28-1 fps lag spikes didn't go away like I thought when I got the new router.  So I have a quad core AMD 3.21 ghz processor and an ATI Radeon 5800 graphics card, among other things.  Now I can FRAPS, Whoa!

And what this really means is I'm still trying to reset everything--all of my UI settings on each toon, not to mention my bookmarks for all of my favorite internet sites, program downloads I need, etc.

So I will hopefully get back in the swing of things real soon here.  I have some plans to start really reading up on Aeonaxx and Poseidus and start camping them soon.  However, from what I'm reading Poseidus has a 72 hour respawn timer, and it resets with server restarts.  So...*sigh.  I probably will NOT bore you with the details of that camp, unless I actually find him and get the mount.  (And you thought TLPD was rare??)

I'm still in Deeps More Deeping, too.  In fact, a couple of my friends joined me and seem to really be having fun with Mike, Chris and the whole gang.  Unfortunately I've missed out on a lot of it this last week, but I'm looking forward to next week.  And no, I do not know Mike and Chris.  I have never been in a guild with them even, until now.  I really love The Daily Blink, though.  I think it's well crafted and just plain funny.

Remember, whatever you do, have fun doing it.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Deeps More Deeping, and Progress

Whoa!  I'm in.  Yep, got my lowbie troll priest in Deeps More Deeping, the guild for The Daily Blink fans and friends.  I know, I know--what the HELL am I thinking??

I mean, I already have six alliance 85's on Korgath.  I already have seven horde characters on Drak'thul I'm NOT playing.  Not to mention two other toons each on Silvermoon and Aerie Peak, toons that I probably should have deleted long ago but for some reason just can't.

I'm an officer in Bad Karma.  I raid 3-4 nights per week when I'm not in dire pain.

And frankly, I'm really bored.  And I mean bored to the point that I have no interest in Firelands.  No interest in playing the ptr to see what it's all about.  No interest in even reading the patch notes and guild strategies being developed as we speak.  I watched part of a couple of live feeds one day, and I logged into the ptr, but that is all I have done.

Maybe I'm just burned out.   I mean, I have been raiding for the most part of the last 2 years straight.  That's a lot of repair bills, boss fight videos, flasks, food, etc., and it's just never ending. 

And yet, I feel like there is so much to this game that I don't know yet.  How can I be bored?

So, I'm gonna play with Mike and Chris and the gang, at least for a little while--probably till they kick me.  I'm still gonna mainly play on Korgath in Bad Karma with my other friends.  I just want to make new friends.  And do some new things. 

And I'm still camping rares now and then, too--I got a little closer to getting the achievement on my hunter last night.  And I snapped some pics.

Yeah, I had to get it.  I love the new mount!

Have fun!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Daily Blink Fan Guild & One More Rare

The guys at The Daily Blink  started horde characters on Smolderthorn, and they formed a guild for their fans that wanna join.   I made a troll priest early this morning, and as soon as I see someone on, I'm going to see if they'll invite me.  Just because it sounds like fun.  Well, also because I love The Daily Blink. You can read all about their new guild and character names if you click on their link.

Now:  I apologize.  I haven't been camping rares for Frostbitten as much lately.  There are two reasons for this:  first, I burned myself out on it the week I tried to prove to you I could do it in 5 days or less; and second, I've still been feeling like crap.  I didn't even raid for a week there.

And during that week, other than learning Peggle doesn't help me stay calm, I discovered that Google Chrome has an app for Angry Birds, I bought Plants Vs. Zombies, got a WII because they're cheap now and my sister told me MarioKart is awesome, and I got a new router.  No more 28-1 fps lag spikes.  Yay!

The last couple of days I have been at least logging in and checking the rare spawn spots.  I got Aotona on my hunter today.  And I tamed Loque'nahak yesterday.

I'm starting to feel better maybe...Whoa!

Happy Hunting!