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Friday, May 27, 2011

Stress-free Environment

I'm sorry I don't have a Frostbitten update for you.  I haven't been playing much lately in an attempt to stay calm and quell the fires raging in my stomach.  Playing the game, especially on a pvp server, tends to get me boiling, more than I realized.

So, while I did do some rare hunting for Frostbitten Monday night (I'll post those soon, sorry), I haven't played the game since.

I have been bored out of my mind.  I hate television--except for a few favorite shows, there's nothing on.  And we have the premium package.

So, I went to Best Buy and got the Bejeweled 2/Peggle combo pack. I mean, nice and relaxing, no ganking, no stress from standing in fire and wiping a raid, no one stealing my ore/herb, and I have the Peggle addon for WoW and play it alot when I'm sitting on Bor's Breath anyway.  I'll just pretend I'm camping Bor's Breath without having to watch for that full-pvp-geared orc hunter that likes to kill you before you can fly off.


Last night, feeling really tender, I fired up Peggle.  I had already spent a good portion of Wednesday night clearing the regular levels, so I started out in Challenge mode.  Nice, relaxing...wtf?

My stomach was burning.  No, it was on FIRE!

I noticed this just as my boyfriend turned to me and said "Whoa!"  I believe this was in response to my,  "F*&#@ing cheating MOTHER F*&#@ING WH*&@!"

To make a long story short, Peggle cheats.

At least I have a good Patricia Cornwell book to read...

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