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Friday, May 6, 2011

Less Stress

Ok, I'm a sap.  I bawled like a baby several times last week after leaving TNF.  I mean, I was with that guild for almost 2 years, made some good friends that I'm still good friends with, learned how to raid, and just plain had fun.  They were the second guild I ever joined.  And I miss them still.

That's why I didn't post much.  I just couldn't talk about it yet.

But I'm over it.  And yes, I know this is just a game.  (Honest.)

I parked some of my alts to begin with in Bad Karma, a guild that had mostly disbanded so it's members could join The Naked Fear.  The gm, an officer in TNF, whispered me and let me know I didn't have to be guildless if I didn't want to, and that since TNF had reached level 25 and didn't need all the alts, several were moving their alts back to BK.  He wanted to start leveling it again.

Well, long story short, I'm back in a guild with several friends from TNF, and even though I'm not raiding yet, we've been leveling toons, hanging out in vent, going on guild fishing trips, calling each other names like "noob", and generally having fun.

Whoa!  You can have fun in Cata?  It's been so long!

I mean, I had fun raiding.  I had fun being an officer for those 2 or 3 weeks in TNF--I really did.  But it was also stressful, which didn't help my ulcer.  And for the most part, so were the raids.  I didn't realize how tired I was of worrying about every little step, every heal I cast, whether or not my numbers were good enough, why the hell am I ALWAYS THE FIRST TO 100 SOUND????

And I will worry about these things again, and probably real soon here.  I set up a raid for next week, and plan to pug out spots if necessary.   But for now, and for the last week, it has been so nice to remember why I started playing this game.

To have fun.

May you have fun, too!

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