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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Frostbitten Progress: Day 1

I am so tired, but I wanted to post this for you before I head to bed.  First of all, this map shows why I like to use NPC Scan.  You can see on it exactly where you need to fly to search for each rare spawn:

I made good progress tonight with my hunter.  Remember, she had one kill to begin with.  Look what she did in a few hours (if you click on the pictures, they enlarge, just in case you didn't know):

Notice the realm time is in the bottom left corner on each picture.

Then, Whoa!  I found Gondria, and since I have a beast mastery spec...

...and didn't need Gondria for the Frostbitten achievement...

I also needed to get rid of the rare one way or another, as only 3 Northrend rares can be out at one time.  I figured taming Gondria was more humane...

After taming such a beautiful creature, what better use could I put him to than hunting more rares:

All in all, it was a pretty good start:

Happy Hunting!

NOTE:  Pictures have been edited to remove names from RealID notifications in order to protect the privacy of other players.  No other editing has been done to any of these pictures.

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