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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Frostbitten: Day 5 NO Progress...

Between a migraine and my stomach deciding to keep me in constant pain, I didn't get much accomplished last night.  I did fly around Northrend on my hunter, and I did camp Vyragosa/TLPD on my druid, and all I got was Perobas, Scarlet High Lord Daion, and Gondria again, and Arcturus, which I had already tamed.

Whoa!  For some reason I did NOT get a screenshot of Gondria.  Here are the screenshots of the rest:

Remember, High Lord Daion was the only Northrend rare kill I had when I started this quest for Frostbitten.

I feel like I've let you down.  I firmly believed I could achieve this in 5 days or less.  Of course, I wasn't expecting the sudden influx of characters all over Northrend.  Up till now people seem to have been content with the Cataclysm™ content.  Perhaps my hunting on my druid last week alerted some to achievements they hadn't gotten yet, or perhaps many have been leveling alts, and it was simply coincidence they made it to Northrend with them the same week I decided to attempt this achievement in a short period of time.  I know that is NOT the case for the 5 or 6 alliance and several horde that camped Bor's Breath over the weekend, but those numbers are probably normal.  Time-Lost Proto-Drake is still highly sought after.

At any rate, I am still going to finish the achievement, just to show you how long it will take.

Happy Hunting!

Note:  I'm taking a break tonight, due to my stinking stomach pain.  I'll be back on the job tomorrow night, I promise!

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