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Friday, May 20, 2011

Frostbitten Day 3--Cold and Lonely...

I can see how many followers I have.  I highly doubt all 5 of you have friends on Korgath, but even if you did, or if I had several that read this blog but haven't officially become "followers", I highly doubt you've gone and spread the word so that everyone and his brother has begun camping Northrend rares.

I blame myself, actually.  I bet it's just because I said I can get this achievement in 5 days or less.

Or maybe it's because my presence has become known, especially in Stormpeaks where a few diehards still seek out the rare-off-a-rare Time-Lost Proto-Drake.

Maybe Blizzard has it in for me, and realized my toons were spending more than the average time in the old content and not enough time in the new.  "I'll get you, my pretty!"  Ghostcrawler cackles maniacally into his computer screen as he clutches the pages of data from my account, sending his flying "monkeys" and other rare creatures scurrying  for new and improved hiding places away from my endless flight circles...

Whoa!  Paranoia strikes deep at 4:40 am.

Nevertheless, it was a long, slow night:




So, here's my progress on Day 3:

One more rare...that's it...

Oh, and I forgot to include a map of exactly where that tunnel is that has all the critters.  Terrorweb Tunnel is in the top left corner, right where the silver arrow is as shown here:

I'm sure tonight will be better.  Happy hunting!

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