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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Critter Kill Squad and Guild Fishing

Before I get back to farming Northrend Rares for the "Frostbitten" achievement, I wanted to drop a note with some tips on how to achieve the Critter Kill Squad and "That's A Lot of Bait" guild achievements.  Many of you may already know of these time-savers, but some may not.

First, for the Critter Kill Squad, killing the penguins that line the coasts of Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord, as well as the mountainsides near the Argent Tournament Grounds, and even killing the turkeys in Howling Fjord till they all gang up on you, is all fine and dandy.  But if you are serious about getting your cute little Armadillo Pup, send a death knight, hunter or feral druid on up to Terrorweb Tunnel.  In one pass with my death knight Diralei, spamming blood boil and death and decay, I got over 200 critter kills.  In five passes, slightly over 1,100 critter kills.  The tunnel is crawling with cockroaches, spiders, and various other critters that count for this achievement.  Not only that, Diralei mined 89 iron ore, 15 bars of gold, and 10 bars of mithril.  Not bad for approximately 30 minutes time.

For "That's A Lot of Bait", the trick here is to fish from pools.  The problem is eventually the pools run out, especially if you get a large guild group together.  The Seafood Magnifique Feast is definitely worth the trouble of catching the fish.   So here's the solution:  grab your guildmates and head up to Lake Kum'uya, Borean Tundra.  If you want to make it more fun, or at least dangle some enticement in front of your guild, announce that any who have NOT gotten the Sea Turtle Mount will be allowed to fish.  Then have 5% of your party, the ones who DO have the mount, go around Borean Tundra each killing one animal--rhinos or mammoths.  As soon as they kill one animal, have them jump into the lake, washing off the blood and leaving Whoa!  A blood pool.  Then send them back out for another animal kill.

Yep, you guessed it--you will have an endless supply of fishing pools.  Anything caught out of these pools DOES count for the achievement, and some people may even get lucky and get the turtle mount.  My previous guild did this with 5 people an hour before our raid, and we caught over 200 fish and 1 person got the sea turtle mount.  Think of what you could accomplish in the same amount of time with a decent turnout!

And now, I have some rare spawns to hunt.  Happy achieving!

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