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Friday, May 27, 2011

Stress-free Environment

I'm sorry I don't have a Frostbitten update for you.  I haven't been playing much lately in an attempt to stay calm and quell the fires raging in my stomach.  Playing the game, especially on a pvp server, tends to get me boiling, more than I realized.

So, while I did do some rare hunting for Frostbitten Monday night (I'll post those soon, sorry), I haven't played the game since.

I have been bored out of my mind.  I hate television--except for a few favorite shows, there's nothing on.  And we have the premium package.

So, I went to Best Buy and got the Bejeweled 2/Peggle combo pack. I mean, nice and relaxing, no ganking, no stress from standing in fire and wiping a raid, no one stealing my ore/herb, and I have the Peggle addon for WoW and play it alot when I'm sitting on Bor's Breath anyway.  I'll just pretend I'm camping Bor's Breath without having to watch for that full-pvp-geared orc hunter that likes to kill you before you can fly off.


Last night, feeling really tender, I fired up Peggle.  I had already spent a good portion of Wednesday night clearing the regular levels, so I started out in Challenge mode.  Nice, relaxing...wtf?

My stomach was burning.  No, it was on FIRE!

I noticed this just as my boyfriend turned to me and said "Whoa!"  I believe this was in response to my,  "F*&#@ing cheating MOTHER F*&#@ING WH*&@!"

To make a long story short, Peggle cheats.

At least I have a good Patricia Cornwell book to read...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Frostbitten: Day 5 NO Progress...

Between a migraine and my stomach deciding to keep me in constant pain, I didn't get much accomplished last night.  I did fly around Northrend on my hunter, and I did camp Vyragosa/TLPD on my druid, and all I got was Perobas, Scarlet High Lord Daion, and Gondria again, and Arcturus, which I had already tamed.

Whoa!  For some reason I did NOT get a screenshot of Gondria.  Here are the screenshots of the rest:

Remember, High Lord Daion was the only Northrend rare kill I had when I started this quest for Frostbitten.

I feel like I've let you down.  I firmly believed I could achieve this in 5 days or less.  Of course, I wasn't expecting the sudden influx of characters all over Northrend.  Up till now people seem to have been content with the Cataclysm™ content.  Perhaps my hunting on my druid last week alerted some to achievements they hadn't gotten yet, or perhaps many have been leveling alts, and it was simply coincidence they made it to Northrend with them the same week I decided to attempt this achievement in a short period of time.  I know that is NOT the case for the 5 or 6 alliance and several horde that camped Bor's Breath over the weekend, but those numbers are probably normal.  Time-Lost Proto-Drake is still highly sought after.

At any rate, I am still going to finish the achievement, just to show you how long it will take.

Happy Hunting!

Note:  I'm taking a break tonight, due to my stinking stomach pain.  I'll be back on the job tomorrow night, I promise!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Frostbitten: Day 4, Short and Sweet

Ok, I'm starting to get worried.  I found these today:





I forgot to take the screenshot of Vyragosa.  Again.  On my druid.  Again. (FML!)

So, I got two new ones tonight, leaving five remaining in order to complete the achievement:

Now, five should be manageable.  Five should be a "no problem" kind of scenario.

However, you may notice three of them are from Sholazar Basin--Loque'nahak, King Krush, and Aotona.  Somehow I haven't found any of these in the past 4 nights.  Whoa!

Long story short, I don't think I'm going to make the "five days or less" scenario.  I DO think I have proven my point that achieving this in a short period of time is possible. And I am not giving up--I will continue the hunt until the achievement is attained. 

A couple of small points--you may notice that most of my farming is done in the wee hours of the night.  Nighttime seems to be the best time to hunt these, but mainly because no one else is on to get to them first.  Also, I recommend grabbing a good book, or getting an addon like Peggle to help you pass the time. 

Happy Hunting!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Frostbitten Day 3--Cold and Lonely...

I can see how many followers I have.  I highly doubt all 5 of you have friends on Korgath, but even if you did, or if I had several that read this blog but haven't officially become "followers", I highly doubt you've gone and spread the word so that everyone and his brother has begun camping Northrend rares.

I blame myself, actually.  I bet it's just because I said I can get this achievement in 5 days or less.

Or maybe it's because my presence has become known, especially in Stormpeaks where a few diehards still seek out the rare-off-a-rare Time-Lost Proto-Drake.

Maybe Blizzard has it in for me, and realized my toons were spending more than the average time in the old content and not enough time in the new.  "I'll get you, my pretty!"  Ghostcrawler cackles maniacally into his computer screen as he clutches the pages of data from my account, sending his flying "monkeys" and other rare creatures scurrying  for new and improved hiding places away from my endless flight circles...

Whoa!  Paranoia strikes deep at 4:40 am.

Nevertheless, it was a long, slow night:




So, here's my progress on Day 3:

One more rare...that's it...

Oh, and I forgot to include a map of exactly where that tunnel is that has all the critters.  Terrorweb Tunnel is in the top left corner, right where the silver arrow is as shown here:

I'm sure tonight will be better.  Happy hunting!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Frostbitten Progress, Day 2

I got a little disappointed today.  I took Dianara out rare hunting for her Frostbitten achievement at 5pm server time, and made a complete circle of Northrend to absolutely no avail.  I started to get worried that maybe I jumped the gun in assuring you that I could complete this achievement in 5 days or less.

Now, I know that Northrend has been relatively empty since the Cataclysm™, and that is in part why this technique is so successful.  Apparently everyone got bored this week.  There were 5 people camping Vyragosa/TLPD spawn spots.  And those were just the alliance campers.

So, I did the only logical thing I could think of.  I raided on my druid, Hearthyn.

After the raid, I decided that I really want the Time-Lost Proto-Drake mount on Hearthyn, and not Dianara.  So, since Dianara already has the Stormpeaks rares needed for the achievement, I parked Hearthyn up at the end of Bor's Breath near Siffreldar Village, sat for about 1/2 an hour, then logged Dianara on.  I began hunting rares on Dianara, and each time I killed one, I would log back on Hearthyn and camp Bor's Breath for another 1/2 hour or so, flying around every 10 minutes to make sure I didn't miss a spawning of either Vyragosa or Time-Lost.  I also checked Skoll and Dirkee's spawn spots, just in case they spawned instead.  If they had, I was prepared to kill them in an effort to attempt to speed up Vyra's or TLPD's spawn rate.

This was my first kill of the night:

Whoa!  I already got that one!  But then my efforts started to pay off:

Sadly, once again, Vyragosa spawned instead of Time-Lost Proto-Drake:

After that kill, I found some more new ones for the achievement on Dianara:

So, in 2 nights of hunting, I think I've actually made really good progress.

I just may make it yet!  Happy Hunting!

Critter Kill Squad and Guild Fishing

Before I get back to farming Northrend Rares for the "Frostbitten" achievement, I wanted to drop a note with some tips on how to achieve the Critter Kill Squad and "That's A Lot of Bait" guild achievements.  Many of you may already know of these time-savers, but some may not.

First, for the Critter Kill Squad, killing the penguins that line the coasts of Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord, as well as the mountainsides near the Argent Tournament Grounds, and even killing the turkeys in Howling Fjord till they all gang up on you, is all fine and dandy.  But if you are serious about getting your cute little Armadillo Pup, send a death knight, hunter or feral druid on up to Terrorweb Tunnel.  In one pass with my death knight Diralei, spamming blood boil and death and decay, I got over 200 critter kills.  In five passes, slightly over 1,100 critter kills.  The tunnel is crawling with cockroaches, spiders, and various other critters that count for this achievement.  Not only that, Diralei mined 89 iron ore, 15 bars of gold, and 10 bars of mithril.  Not bad for approximately 30 minutes time.

For "That's A Lot of Bait", the trick here is to fish from pools.  The problem is eventually the pools run out, especially if you get a large guild group together.  The Seafood Magnifique Feast is definitely worth the trouble of catching the fish.   So here's the solution:  grab your guildmates and head up to Lake Kum'uya, Borean Tundra.  If you want to make it more fun, or at least dangle some enticement in front of your guild, announce that any who have NOT gotten the Sea Turtle Mount will be allowed to fish.  Then have 5% of your party, the ones who DO have the mount, go around Borean Tundra each killing one animal--rhinos or mammoths.  As soon as they kill one animal, have them jump into the lake, washing off the blood and leaving Whoa!  A blood pool.  Then send them back out for another animal kill.

Yep, you guessed it--you will have an endless supply of fishing pools.  Anything caught out of these pools DOES count for the achievement, and some people may even get lucky and get the turtle mount.  My previous guild did this with 5 people an hour before our raid, and we caught over 200 fish and 1 person got the sea turtle mount.  Think of what you could accomplish in the same amount of time with a decent turnout!

And now, I have some rare spawns to hunt.  Happy achieving!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Frostbitten Progress: Day 1

I am so tired, but I wanted to post this for you before I head to bed.  First of all, this map shows why I like to use NPC Scan.  You can see on it exactly where you need to fly to search for each rare spawn:

I made good progress tonight with my hunter.  Remember, she had one kill to begin with.  Look what she did in a few hours (if you click on the pictures, they enlarge, just in case you didn't know):

Notice the realm time is in the bottom left corner on each picture.

Then, Whoa!  I found Gondria, and since I have a beast mastery spec...

...and didn't need Gondria for the Frostbitten achievement...

I also needed to get rid of the rare one way or another, as only 3 Northrend rares can be out at one time.  I figured taming Gondria was more humane...

After taming such a beautiful creature, what better use could I put him to than hunting more rares:

All in all, it was a pretty good start:

Happy Hunting!

NOTE:  Pictures have been edited to remove names from RealID notifications in order to protect the privacy of other players.  No other editing has been done to any of these pictures.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Frostbitten Achieved!

I just wanted to write a quick update--I got the Frostbitten achievement this afternoon on my druid, Hearthyn.

That's right, 5 days after I started seriously trying for it.

For those skeptics out there, I'm going to start farming them on my hunter, Dianara.  Here is her kill:

Whoa!  Only one.

I was going to finish this on my death knight, but she has quite a few kills already.  I wanted to give you an honest showing of exactly how fast you can get this achievement now.  So, tonight, I will start farming.  I will keep you up to date on my progress.  Let the countdown begin!

P.S.  For those of you wondering, or who want an absolutely awesome UI, I am using the hybrid Elv/Tukui Nitewolf helped develop.  You can find it here:  https://github.com/nitewolf121/Tukui/downloads

Sunday, May 15, 2011




For those of you who have followed this blog for any length of time, you know I am addicted to rare spawn hunting.  I finally got the Time-Lost Proto-Drake mount on my main death knight, and I have the rare grey camel and "The Camel Hoarder" title on my main druid and my warlock.

I still need TLPD on my druid, though, and considering my angst of late, I decided that now was the perfect time to go a-hunting.

I also figured I'd try to get Frostbitten while I camped.

"Whoa, while you camped???" you exclaim.

Yes, while I camped.  Here is why:  thanks to Ponderance at TLPD Resource, I now know that spawn times for Vyra/TLPD have changed--there is no longer a 6-24 hour window between spawns.  I also learned that only 3 rares can be out in Northrend at a time, and that killing these rares hastens Vyra's and TLPD's spawn rates tremendously.

So, it just made sense.

Now, I do not know the exact number because I'm an idiot and didn't think ahead, but I'm pretty sure I only had 3 or 4 rares killed prior to starting last Thursday night.  Thursday through Saturday I camped Bor's Breath, camping Friday and Saturday all night long till 7am and 10am respectively.  In that time, I have all but 4 rares for the achievement.  As of this writing, I lack only Fumblub Gearwind, Old Crystalbark, Griegen, and the Zul'Drak Sentinel.

And I killed Vyragosa 3 times.

Twice Saturday.

How did I do it?

Well, since only 3 rares can be out in Northrend, and since TLPD has been sighted spawning as early as an hour after Vyragosa was slain, I decided that if they aren't spawning, it's probably because 3 rares were already out.  If I ended up wrong and I missed a spawning, well, there will always be a next time, and that next time is sure to be sooner than usual, since I'm out killing rares and speeding up the timer.

And that's exactly what I did.  I would sit for a good 1/2 hour or so, every once in awhile flying up to the Ulduar spawn point just to be sure I wasn't missing Vyragosa or TLPD.  If nothing was spawned, I would then fly over to Zul'Drak, or Ice Crown, and keep flying over all the other rare spawn spots until I found one.  I would kill that rare, then head back to Stormpeaks.  Sometimes I didn't have to go anywhere--once, Dirkee was out, and a couple times Skoll spawned instead.  I would just kill them, and go back to my camping spot and start over.

(If you would like a good map with a flying route for the Northrend rare spawn points, Ponderance has one HERE.)

And in 3 days time, I got all but 4 rares and saw Vyra spawn at least 3 times.  (I remember 3 for certain.)

Now, I highly recommend a few things:  first, get a focusing lens from the auction house, a jewelcrafter, or make one if you are a jewelcrafter.  Just because Silverdragon and NPC Scan bring up a target window DOES NOT mean you will always be able to find your target.  For example, Putridus the Ancient is absolutely HUGE and you can target him from the Argent Tournament grounds.  His path is not even up by the grounds, though.  If you have, say, a jade focusing lens, you can use the addon's target window to set him as your focus, use the lens, and VOILĂ€!  You have a green line pointing in exactly the direction you need to go. 

Second, get the Argent Crusader's Tabard.  It teleports you to the Argent Tournament grounds and has a 30 minute cooldown.  You have to be an exalted champion to purchase it, but it is definitely worth it.

Third, use AT LEAST NPC Scan if not Silverdragon as well--I use both addons, I got them through CurseClient, and I would be lost without them.  I use NPC Scan for the excellent spawn maps, and Silverdragon because I don't have to clear the cache in order for it to alert me to a rare.  Make sure you learn how to clear your cache for NPC Scan--the instructions are on the website--and do this before you log into WoW each time.

One other thing:  if you notice someone else camping, you might ask if they are trying for the Frostbitten achievement as well.  I struck up a conversation with a nice hunter Saturday night, and we ended up sharing spawn times for Vyragosa.  I also helped him get some rares that he needed and I didn't.  You might also ask in general chat if any hunters are looking for pets if you come across Arcturis, Skoll, Loque'nahak, and Gondria--especially since Loque'nahak is the ONLY spirit beast you need for the achievement.  If you don't need Loque', and someone is looking to tame him or one of the others, please let them know you found one.  It's simply common courtesy.

I hope this helps anyone wanting to get a beautiful mount and a cool achievement.

Play hard!  I have some camping to do...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Don't Be a PITA

I have a problem.  Maybe I am just not very patient.  Maybe I am too controlling.  Maybe I am simply too old to keep playing this game full of youngsters.

But the new guild I am in, made up of some mains and alts from my old guild, has one person that for me, well, is a PITA--a Pain In The Ass.

Now, I try to get along with everyone.  And I recognize that there are a lot of kids playing WoW.  I try to take youth and inexperience into consideration.

It's the whining that drives me nuts.

I can't stand whiners.  I really have no patience for them.  I hate when people whine in-game about being broke, needing gold, flasks, food, etc.  Especially when I have offered solutions.

This kid--yes, he's just a teenager--has an excuse for everything, especially why he can't make gold and pay for repairs in the game.  He has an explanation for why he can't do dailies, farm, play the auction house, etc., etc. ad nauseam.  And I refuse to carry anyone.

Maybe I'm being too hard on him.  Maybe it's just a personality difference.

The problem is, I'm letting it suck out any enjoyment I get from playing the game.  I seriously dread logging on and seeing his whispers.  Or his comments in officer chat.

I just joined this guild.  I am an officer.  So is he.  I am an adult.  He is not.  I should be more patient.

I am finding it more and more difficult to deal with him.  And I don't know what to do.  I don't want to guild hop.  I don't want to transfer servers.

But I'm afraid I'm going to get nasty and say things I don't mean and will regret, simply because one person gets on my nerves.

I suppose I get on peoples nerves too.

I'm probably being a PITA.

I think I'll go play on another server for a day or two and sort it out.

I hope you don't let people suck your fun out of the game.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Less Stress

Ok, I'm a sap.  I bawled like a baby several times last week after leaving TNF.  I mean, I was with that guild for almost 2 years, made some good friends that I'm still good friends with, learned how to raid, and just plain had fun.  They were the second guild I ever joined.  And I miss them still.

That's why I didn't post much.  I just couldn't talk about it yet.

But I'm over it.  And yes, I know this is just a game.  (Honest.)

I parked some of my alts to begin with in Bad Karma, a guild that had mostly disbanded so it's members could join The Naked Fear.  The gm, an officer in TNF, whispered me and let me know I didn't have to be guildless if I didn't want to, and that since TNF had reached level 25 and didn't need all the alts, several were moving their alts back to BK.  He wanted to start leveling it again.

Well, long story short, I'm back in a guild with several friends from TNF, and even though I'm not raiding yet, we've been leveling toons, hanging out in vent, going on guild fishing trips, calling each other names like "noob", and generally having fun.

Whoa!  You can have fun in Cata?  It's been so long!

I mean, I had fun raiding.  I had fun being an officer for those 2 or 3 weeks in TNF--I really did.  But it was also stressful, which didn't help my ulcer.  And for the most part, so were the raids.  I didn't realize how tired I was of worrying about every little step, every heal I cast, whether or not my numbers were good enough, why the hell am I ALWAYS THE FIRST TO 100 SOUND????

And I will worry about these things again, and probably real soon here.  I set up a raid for next week, and plan to pug out spots if necessary.   But for now, and for the last week, it has been so nice to remember why I started playing this game.

To have fun.

May you have fun, too!