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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Officer Status--New Camel Figurine Spot

I'm sorry I haven't posted lately, but I have been sick in the real world, and was appointed an officer in Azeroth.

That's right--I am now Officer Hearthyn, protector of The Naked Fear and answerer of all questions.  In other words, not much has changed.

I've always answered people's questions, I have always helped make sure we had flasks, etc. for our raids, and so the only thing I feel that has changed is my official title.  I have been somewhat busier, though, not to mention recovering from a touch of bronchitis, and therefore have not posted lately.  Sorry!

In other news, it's maintenance Tuesday.  Can you tell?

I found another Mysterious Camel Figurine.  I didn't think to get a screenshot until after I had clicked the figurine and it disappeared, but I did get a screenshot of the location after.  The coordinates for it are:  72.03, 43.86.  It appears at approximately the A in "Halls of Origination".  I've updated the map--I've now found 7 confirmed spots.  I will keep updating as I find more.  Here is the updated map and the screenshot of the location sans figurine:

How do you spend your maintenance down time?  I mean those of you that either don't work, don't have school, or are usually off on Tuesdays.  Do you clean house?  Read?  Play League of Legends?  Watch movies?  Update your blog?

I like to spend mine catching up on blue posts, updating this blog, reading other blogs, reading up on classes I'm leveling, watching heroic mode boss videos, and pretty much cursing Blizzard because I didn't get to finish whatever stupid thing I was doing when the realm shut down.  Especially on days like today when the PTR is even down...GRRRR!

Oh, and I did the dishes finally.  Whoa!

Enjoy your break from Azeroth.  I'll see you at 11:01 pacific time!  PEACE!

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