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Sunday, April 17, 2011


With the new guild perks, I am betting firmly grounded guilds on every server are having few problems filling spots as they open up.  I bet it's also safe to say many guilds that formerly had a "No Alt" policy relaxed that rule, at least until they hit 25.

My guild reached the 24 mark Thursday or Friday, and we have had an influx of new members recently.  And all of their alts.  We are trying to flesh out our 25 man runs so that we rarely have to pug a spot.

It's actually amazing to me--I used to get depressed, in fact I absolutely hated recruiting prior to the guild perk system.  We have a website, all applications and raid signups must use the website, and I would get someone who really seemed to know their class, know the fights, be available for our raid nights and times, and then they would read "go to www.thenakedfear.com", and suddenly, silence.  Too lazy to fill out an app.  (Or too arrogant--expecting me to just tell the officers to add them, because they were "uber" and "leet".)  I justified losing them by assuming that, if they are too lazy to fill out an app, then they are probably too lazy to bring their own food, flasks and repair money, or research a boss fight ahead of time, etc.

I still don't recruit.  One of our other officers has been doing it, for just a little bit each day.  And almost every day there is a new app for us to review.

So far a lot of the newcomers seem very promising.  Many of them know their class, or are willing to learn, are asking questions, etc.--and I can handle someone actually willing to learn.  I can't handle someone wanting to be carried.  It seems many of them simply do not have much experience raiding, or at least raiding in Cata.  But they are willing, even eager, to learn.  Yay!

And I'm really trying hard, especially since I'm now an officer, to branch out from my set group I run with and hang out with and get to know the newcomers.

It's hard sometimes, isn't it.  We get set in our ways, we're humans and naturally hate change, so a change in the routine can be uncomfortable.  That, and there's what I like to call the "stray dog" factor.

Have you ever fed a stray dog or cat?  I mean, felt so sorry for it you just had to put some food out.  Next thing you know, you're petting it.  Then after a week or two, or maybe a day or two, you've given it a name.  This goes on for several days or weeks, and you finally decide you should take it to the vet, slap a collar on it, and make it part of the family, then Whoa!-it's gone.  Moved on to the next sucker with a heart.

Some guild joiners are like that.  They join, look promising for a few days or weeks, and one day you see then inevitable "so and so  has left the guild".  Followed by several "WTF?" 's and 1 or 2 "who was that?" 's.

Maybe that's the real reason we take our time getting close to newcomers.  Maybe we just don't wanna start getting attached only to find them gone one day.

I think you should get to know them anyway.  I think you should embrace the new, embrace change.  It's what helps us keep moving forward as humans.

Good night and play hard!

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