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Friday, April 29, 2011

Of Ulcers and Olsen Twins

I had a dream last night that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were swimming in Vashjir and were archaeologists.  Whoa! 

Somehow I was in a toy store, and John Stamos was there plugging their new action figures--turns out it was for a new movie they were doing, and not WoW related.  Apparently John Stamos was in the movie.  I said in my dream, "You can't have the Olsen Twins in World of Warcraft!"

This is where it gets really weird (it gets weirder??):  John Stamos then turned into Charlie Sheen and tried to take me out to dinner.  Guess he was really really desperate since losing his two "mistresses".

I have no idea why I'm dreaming of Mary Kate and Ashly Olsen.  I checked on the web--they do NOT have an archaeology movie coming out.

I have no idea why I'm dreaming they have characters in WoW.  I'm old--42--and a grandmother.  My grandkids aren't even old enough to like the Olsens, or even to know who Mary Kate and Ashley are--they are one and half of one and not born yet.  (Daughter is prego again, yay!)

Maybe it has something to do with the way I've been feeling lately.  After a couple months of my stomach just killing me, I finally found out this week I have an ulcer.  Now, I don't know if any of you are into natural remedies, but I firmly believe they have their place, and I try to take all things in moderation.  In other words, I'm not a homeopathic-cures-everything nut, but I also believe doctors are all-too-often concerned merely in treating symptoms and not in finding cures.

I have had 3 ulcers previously.  I have gotten rid of them using cayenne pepper in capsule form--3 times per day, 10 capsules each time, for 3 days.  Your stomach catches fire, and the theory is this cauterizes the ulcer shut.  (NOTE:  I AM NOT A DOCTOR, AND I AM NOT SUGGESTING YOU TRY THIS WITHOUT CONSULTING A DOCTOR OR HERBAL SPECIALIST FIRST.)

The only drawback to this is, well, the cayenne pepper eventually has to come out.

Which leads me to my main story.  I left my guild.  We had a difference of opinion, and you know how you just know it's time? 

Now, this isn't something I took lightly--I've been with The Naked Fear for almost 2 years now.  I made good friends, learned a LOT about raid healing and raiding in general, learned a LOT about my class and how to play it, and just plain had a lot of fun.

But sometimes we can get stuck in a rut.  Sometimes people's perceptions just aren't going to change, whether it's our own or our guildmates.  And sometimes people just need change.

My heart feels worse than my ulcer.

And I'm doing a lot of archaeology.  There's nothing else for me to do at the moment.  *Sigh

Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day.  I hope you have fun!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Camel Figurine

I found another spot.  The coordinates are 50.41, 72.22.

There was a fake there this morning, but I did get a couple of shots.  This is in Neferset City, on the lower part heading west.

Unfortunately, the camel figurine turned to dust.  Whoa!

I also updated the Camel Sighting Map.

Happy Hunting!

TNF Hits 25!!!

I just wanted to drop a quick note--my guild, The Naked Fear, hit level 25 Saturday!!  Yay!!

And, Whoa!  Here's the new mount:

Friday, April 22, 2011

Time-Lost Proto Drake FINALLY!

After spending 2 years wasting much of my free time camping Bor's Breath and flying around several other spots in Stormpeaks, I finally got the Time-Lost Proto Drake on Diralei, my death knight on Korgath. 

I would like to thank the rich resources at http://tlpdresource.com/ .  I truly believe the information provided at this site helped me finally bag this beauty.

For those of you who do NOT know by now, TLPD is a rare spawn from a rare spawn--Vyragosa--in Stormpeaks.  In other words, most of the time, Vyragosa spawns in the 4 spots the TLPD also spawns.  Every once in awhile, however, TLPD will spawn instead of Vyragosa.  Below is a picture of Vyragosa:

The Time-Lost Proto Drake has been highly sought after since Wrath first dropped for the mount it drops, and even with the new rare mounts Cata has brought, many people still hunt TLPD.  Many people still have never SEEN the drake.

It used to spawn rarely anywhere from 6 to 24 hours after Vyragosa was killed.  Since the Sundering, however, this timer has apparently changed, and TLPD can now spawn as early as one hour after a Vyragosa or even TLPD kill.  The catch is, after it spawns, it will only fly around for approximately 15 minutes before despawning.  That's right, it disappears.  No wonder many have never seen it!

If you have followed this blog for very long at all, you know I am a rare spawn addict.  I love finding, camping and killing rare spawns, especially those that drop mounts.  This has been a long hunt for me, although this is NOT my first Time-Lost kill.  Whoa! 

I actually have one of these mounts on my horde death knight on Drak'Thul.  She is my farm toon on that server, was level 77 at the time of the kill, was on her way questing, NOT camping, it was right after a vast server migration left Drak'Thul almost empty, and I frankly wanted to cry--of all the toons I did NOT want this drake on...

That kill only made my resolve to acquire the mount on one of my main characters even stronger.

Oh the hours I have wasted!  The days of my life I shall never get back, traded for several thousand pixels of gold and green flying beauty...

It was all worth it!

Now for Aeonaxx...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ask Not What Your Guild Can Do For You!

I've seen it time and time again.  Someone applies to a guild, gets accepted late in the week, everyone is away for the weekend, or leveling alts, or doing stuff with their families, therefore the many "Anyone need a random?" 's go unanswered, and the new guildy leaves in search of "greener" pastures.

Or someone gets accepted to our guild, coming in as a raid trial, and doesn't get to raid the first week or two due to raid comp and numerous sign ups.  And takes it personal.  And leaves.

Does this happen in your guild?  Have you done this?

Maybe the problem isn't the guild you joined.  Maybe it's your way of thinking.  If you have the mentality of "what will this guild do for me?" then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.  Because frankly, guilds as a general rule don't care how "leet" you say you are, whether or not you need gear (other than whether or not your gear is raid ready), how many hours you spent in MC back in the day therefore "earning" you a spot today, and they don't care how long you've played.  They care that you know the current fights, know your class, know not to stand in fire, and can be autonomous--take care of yourself, bringing your own flasks, food, and repair gold.  In other words, most guilds don't care to think about what they can do for you.  Most guilds want to know what you can do for THEM.

What do you bring to the table?  Anything besides leet dps or heals?  Will you help members out as they need help--perhaps go do Ring of Blood for lower levels, or learn special patterns as people need them for whatever professions you may have?  Will you be willing to--WHOA!--step out for a boss because raid comp needs more ranged?  Or more melee?  And then jump back in for the next boss, even though you now are short the valor points  and the loot the last boss provided?  Are you willing to be there for the GUILD?

Not that you have to drop whatever you're doing every time someone in the guild needs help.  It shouldn't be a one-man-show all the time--you jumping in to help and no one else helping ever.  In fact, if you notice this happening, maybe you should talk to an officer about their policies--it may be that they have a policy of NOT helping alts level, and discourage begging for runs in guild chat.

Good guilds do care for their members.  And they will recognize the efforts of those especially that are there for the guild, not just for personal gain or loot.

So, ask not what your guild can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your guild. 

And if you are still getting ignored after doing this, then maybe you are in the wrong guild after all.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


With the new guild perks, I am betting firmly grounded guilds on every server are having few problems filling spots as they open up.  I bet it's also safe to say many guilds that formerly had a "No Alt" policy relaxed that rule, at least until they hit 25.

My guild reached the 24 mark Thursday or Friday, and we have had an influx of new members recently.  And all of their alts.  We are trying to flesh out our 25 man runs so that we rarely have to pug a spot.

It's actually amazing to me--I used to get depressed, in fact I absolutely hated recruiting prior to the guild perk system.  We have a website, all applications and raid signups must use the website, and I would get someone who really seemed to know their class, know the fights, be available for our raid nights and times, and then they would read "go to www.thenakedfear.com", and suddenly, silence.  Too lazy to fill out an app.  (Or too arrogant--expecting me to just tell the officers to add them, because they were "uber" and "leet".)  I justified losing them by assuming that, if they are too lazy to fill out an app, then they are probably too lazy to bring their own food, flasks and repair money, or research a boss fight ahead of time, etc.

I still don't recruit.  One of our other officers has been doing it, for just a little bit each day.  And almost every day there is a new app for us to review.

So far a lot of the newcomers seem very promising.  Many of them know their class, or are willing to learn, are asking questions, etc.--and I can handle someone actually willing to learn.  I can't handle someone wanting to be carried.  It seems many of them simply do not have much experience raiding, or at least raiding in Cata.  But they are willing, even eager, to learn.  Yay!

And I'm really trying hard, especially since I'm now an officer, to branch out from my set group I run with and hang out with and get to know the newcomers.

It's hard sometimes, isn't it.  We get set in our ways, we're humans and naturally hate change, so a change in the routine can be uncomfortable.  That, and there's what I like to call the "stray dog" factor.

Have you ever fed a stray dog or cat?  I mean, felt so sorry for it you just had to put some food out.  Next thing you know, you're petting it.  Then after a week or two, or maybe a day or two, you've given it a name.  This goes on for several days or weeks, and you finally decide you should take it to the vet, slap a collar on it, and make it part of the family, then Whoa!-it's gone.  Moved on to the next sucker with a heart.

Some guild joiners are like that.  They join, look promising for a few days or weeks, and one day you see then inevitable "so and so  has left the guild".  Followed by several "WTF?" 's and 1 or 2 "who was that?" 's.

Maybe that's the real reason we take our time getting close to newcomers.  Maybe we just don't wanna start getting attached only to find them gone one day.

I think you should get to know them anyway.  I think you should embrace the new, embrace change.  It's what helps us keep moving forward as humans.

Good night and play hard!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Officer Status--New Camel Figurine Spot

I'm sorry I haven't posted lately, but I have been sick in the real world, and was appointed an officer in Azeroth.

That's right--I am now Officer Hearthyn, protector of The Naked Fear and answerer of all questions.  In other words, not much has changed.

I've always answered people's questions, I have always helped make sure we had flasks, etc. for our raids, and so the only thing I feel that has changed is my official title.  I have been somewhat busier, though, not to mention recovering from a touch of bronchitis, and therefore have not posted lately.  Sorry!

In other news, it's maintenance Tuesday.  Can you tell?

I found another Mysterious Camel Figurine.  I didn't think to get a screenshot until after I had clicked the figurine and it disappeared, but I did get a screenshot of the location after.  The coordinates for it are:  72.03, 43.86.  It appears at approximately the A in "Halls of Origination".  I've updated the map--I've now found 7 confirmed spots.  I will keep updating as I find more.  Here is the updated map and the screenshot of the location sans figurine:

How do you spend your maintenance down time?  I mean those of you that either don't work, don't have school, or are usually off on Tuesdays.  Do you clean house?  Read?  Play League of Legends?  Watch movies?  Update your blog?

I like to spend mine catching up on blue posts, updating this blog, reading other blogs, reading up on classes I'm leveling, watching heroic mode boss videos, and pretty much cursing Blizzard because I didn't get to finish whatever stupid thing I was doing when the realm shut down.  Especially on days like today when the PTR is even down...GRRRR!

Oh, and I did the dishes finally.  Whoa!

Enjoy your break from Azeroth.  I'll see you at 11:01 pacific time!  PEACE!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Tuesday"--WoW Themed Parody of "Friday"

I want to take credit.  I wish I could.  When I first heard Rebecca Black's horrible song, I asked the WoW community I tweet to if anyone was going to do a Tuesday raid night parody.

My request has been answered:

Friday, April 1, 2011


Blizzard has announced today they will be installing a new leveling/dungeon/raid guide named "Crabby".

The cute little shellfish, apparently a distant cousin to Blizzard's own Ghostcrawler, will follow you around Azeroth, offering friendly advice as you quest, level, enter dungeons, and even raid.

The adorable little crustacean can even find you cool music to listen to while you play your favorite characters.  For the full article, please visit the World of Warcraft Community website HERE.