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Thursday, March 31, 2011

RDF Vs. Sanity

I have no idea what is going on this week.  Is it spring break everywhere?  I mean, EVERYWHERE?

Both our Tuesday and Wednesday night raids were short so many people--and I mean people who didn't even sign UP--that we had to do two 10 man raids instead of a 25 man both nights.  Usually we are fairly close in sign ups, and by the time raid time hits, we are having to choose who goes and who gets sidelined until someone has to drop.

And I can understand it happening on ONE of the nights, but two nights in a row?

Which leads me to the title of this post.  WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE???

You know, I understand we have an "instant gratification" type of society.  It began with my generation--the MTV generation, the fast food babies.  McDonald's and MTV programmed my generation to want results for everything in 5 minutes or less.  Life does NOT work this way.

And my generation raised your generation using TV and video games as baby sitters, because suddenly one, and then two, income(s) weren't paying the bills anymore and we couldn't stay home like our mothers did.

So I understand that the new generation of kids wants things instant and easy.  I understand WHY they want it that way.

Just because I understand it does NOT mean I have to like it.  Or put up with it.

And this week so far has been worse than usual.  As in, 8 wipes on Ozruk in Stonecore and I still never got him down Wednesday.

So, if you are in my random dungeon and want to mouth off about my healing?  Or pull the whole room?  Or nitpick everyone else's class/spec/pet choice, etc.?  Or rush off to the next mob before everyone has full health and mana again?  Or wipe over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over before you finally figure out you should probably go watch a dungeon guide and learn your roll in the group?  (Yes, they have them at TankSpot!)

And I don't mean an occasional mistake or two.  I mean downright lazy, arrogant, elitist jerk playing.  I will pull the room and wipe your ass just before I leave.

You have officially been warned.


  1. Inorite? If your doing randoms at 85 you've had plenty of time to learn your class and the polite group standards for running randoms... Quite acting like an idiot or a jerk!


  2. Unfortunately, WotLK made tanks prima donnas for the most part. And also unfortunately, most of the ones I've run into still have the WotLK tank mentality--chain pull and blame heals if you wipe. I keep hoping that soon they will realize Cata is different...