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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Raid Night Blues

My guild raids every Tuesday, usually Wednesday, and sometimes Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  However, the official raid nights are Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tonight was no exception, and as usual, we started out in Black Wing Descent.

We like to do 25 man raids for 3 reasons.  Reason number 1.) it just seems like the bosses are slightly more forgiving for 25 man; reason number 2.) we can include more members and good players don't get left out; and reason number 3.) more loot.

By the way, we don't raid for loot.  We raid for the thrill of downing a boss (and loot), for the joy of watching 25 random people from all over the country, and sometimes the world, get together (loot), make it work (loot), and accomplish greatness (LOOT).

All joking aside, for that to work to perfection, you do need loot.  Gear, trinkets, weapons, etc.  Epic loot.  I know, skill > loot (believe me, I do, see below), however loot does have quite a bit of bearing on success.  Don't believe me?  Well, let me just say, you should have been there one week into Cata when we first visited BWD (wipefest), or the Saturday after Cata dropped when we 5-manned Marrowgar (I wanted to cry!) with an 83 tank in greens and blues.

But, I digress.  We raided BWD tonight, in fact we one-shotted Magmaw, 2-shotted the trons, and one-shotted Maloriak.

And of course, someone had to point out how well we were doing.

Remember I said skill > gear?  Mine goes out the window on certain fights, and tonight it was Atramedes.  In fact, last week it was Atramedes.  And the week before that...

I don't know why, I dodge the discs fine at the start, but somewhere in the middle everything goes haywire, my sound gets to 100 and I'm staring at the raid through a "Release Spirit" pop-up.  Almost every time, for several attempts, until I finally get it down and we get the kill.

Does this happen to you?  It's almost as if my brain says, "Ok, gonna take a nap.  This fight's too easy and shouldn't require any thought processes on my part.  Have fun!"  Yep, it's always the easy fights.  I mean, sure, there's a lot going on for this fight, but it's all fairly simple mechanics--avoid discs, fire, flame breath.  I'm a healer, and we always have a mage on the gongs, so I don't even have to worry about THEM!  Yet, even though the discs are slow, even though the fire is obvious, even though I've done this fight several times now, I still just can't seem to get it right the first time.  Or the second.

I had the same problem for Sindragosa hardmode.  I would dodge ice bolts just fine at first, and then BAM!  Dead.  Over.  And over.  One night it literally was over and over.  My poor raid leader...

And yet, our first attempts on Al Akir, with everyone trying to figure out the intricate dance moves of when to head in for Wind Burst while also finding the opening in the squall line--I had it.  I was usually the last one standing.  I figured out how to use Wind Burst to place myself at exactly the right spot to position myself perfectly for the opening. 

At one point, my guildmates wouldn't even lend up a battle rez tonight.  Whoa!

Yeah, I hear you loud and clear.  If it's any consolation, I'm frustrated with me, too.

Here, just in case you want to watch it with me:

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