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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gamon's On Facebook, Quest Glitch in Stormpeaks

Well, everyone has one nowadays, so why shouldn't he?  Whoa! 

Gamon has a Facebook page.  Now you can go visit your lovable frenemy outside of Orgrimmar.  Here's the link:  Gamon's Facebook Page

Also, I don't know if any of you are like me--bored between raids already with day to day Cataclysm stuff and leveling alts to break the monotony--but the quest in Stormpeaks that sends you from the blue ladies in Brunnhildar to Dun Niffelem pre-friendly to rescue proto-drakes and frozen blue ladies?  If you are having trouble reaching the ladies entombed in ice and the drake won't move into range for you, try flying straight up first and then back down.  You should be able to get in close enough range to rescue the Brunnhilder popsicles before they freeze and your drake is pummeled by the giants.

Does anyone know if there is a "Maintenance Day" song yet to Rebecca Black's horrible "Friday" yet?  I would love a link.  Or someone to do a version.  Just a thought.

Happy Maintenance Day!

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