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Monday, March 14, 2011

Chicken Humor on Korgath

Well, I never drink, but I drank some tonight.   That's right, got tipsy on the equivalent of 2 bottles of Smirnoff Ice.  Whoa!

And, I logged onto WoW after I drank this.  Right when someone was asking about some egg trinket.  The following Stormwind General Chat is the result:

[03:26:28][1. General] [Bandy]: I used to be terri-fried for him
[03:26:59][1. General] [Bandy]: He almost was killed on a Fri-day
[03:27:21][1. General] [Cetarin]: what are u talking about?
[03:27:27][1. General] [Tallie]: shes high
(random guild advertisement)
[03:28:21][1. General] [Bandy]: he was well eggucated
[03:28:23][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: fail...
[03:28:42][1. General] [Mutekin]: life love laugh, or u sir, are the fail
[03:28:53][1. General] [Mutekin]: live* umm, ya

[03:28:56][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: first off, i'm not sir
[03:28:59][1. General] [Bandy]: I suspect fowl play
[03:29:08][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: turkey
[03:29:20][1. General] [Mutekin]: son?

[03:29:27][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: you plucked that one outta thin air, eh
[03:30:17][1. General] [Bandy]: stop egging me on
[03:31:04][1. General] [Urapos]: If he doesn't stop, he'll be eating crow.
[03:31:18][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: CLUCK YOU

[03:31:38][1. General] [Bandy]: where do you find a chicken with no legs?
[03:31:44][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: right where you left it
[03:31:57][1. General] [Mutekin]: lol

[03:31:57][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: wait...IN DA BUCKET
[03:32:02][1. General] [Bandy]: lol

[03:32:32][1. General] [Bandy]: yer a real comedihen
[03:32:35][1. General] [Valkyrion]: I prefer right where you left it
[03:32:47][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: LOL

[03:33:12][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: don't get too Cock-y
[03:33:19][1. General] [Bandy]: such fowl language
[03:33:34][W:From] [Mutekin]: :)
[03:33:58][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: i used to like train jokes, but that was when i had a real loco motive

[03:34:21][1. General] [Mutekin]: this is more than i had ever hoped for lol, usually when i say something im ignored, i ask about a crappy item and u guys been going on for 20 minutes now
[03:34:31][W:To] [Mutekin]: xD
[03:34:48][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: I BLAME THE TANK

[03:34:53][1. General] [Bandy]: you're eggstra special :)
[03:35:11][1. General] [Valkyrion]: it was definitely the healers fault
[03:35:14][1. General] [Valkyrion]: I'm blameless
[03:35:14][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: i'm scrambling for a reply

[03:35:29][1. General] [Mutekin]: buzz, scramble was already used!
[03:35:46][1. General] [Bandy]: he's cooking up another reply
[03:35:53][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: shell i apologize?
[03:36:02][1. General] [Mutekin]: ok now ur good

[03:36:09][1. General] [Valkyrion]: lol
[03:36:13][1. General] [Bandy]: cracked me up!
[03:36:20][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: and i'm not a boy, i'm a chick
[03:36:24][1. General] [Crosh]: this is nonsense, you people have been cooped up too long

[03:36:35][1. General] [Valkyrion]: good one
[03:36:36][1. General] [Mutekin]: LOL
[03:36:41][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: LOL
[03:36:42][1. General] [Crosh]: -zing
[03:36:53][2. Trade] [Coviebear]: WTB  [Buzzard Wing] 2g each - pst

[03:37:04][1. General] [Bandy]: >Thyora<, u live in Chickago?
[03:37:04][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: LMAO trade chat

[03:37:35][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: nah, closer to HENderson, NV
[03:38:06][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: working for chicken scratch

[03:39:06][1. General] [Bandy]: maybe you're beakin' off to the boss too much
[03:40:54][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: well, brain is fried
[03:41:06][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: no yok
[03:41:24][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: yolk*
[03:41:38][1. General] [Bandy]: well, look at the sunny side, it could be Monday...oh wait

03:42:15][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: i won't roll over easy
[03:42:20][1. General] [Mutekin]: omg
[03:42:34][1. General] [Mutekin]: i may have to make this my main server

And there you have it.  Chicken jokes.

Happy Monday!

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