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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another Mysterious Camel Figurine

I found another spot, and I took a screenshot.

Here's how tiny they are:

I was farming on my death knight, and I use a route in Uldam that also takes me by every spot I have found the mysterious camel figurines.  I like to combine prospects whenever possible.  I hadn't found any in this spot before, but I had always figured it would be a great spot for one.  I was actually flying over it to head back to the other 2 spots north of there, when WHOA!  NPC Scan popped up the little target icon you see on my sexy map there.  I actually remembered to screenshot this one!  I took another without all the ui clutter, but you could barely see the figurine.

So, here's the updated map of the ones I have found (the tiny yellow dots):

Coordinates are 24.44, 59.98.  (Edited because I forgot to add these at the time of post.)

Alas, still none that have brought the little fellow out that whisks you away for the mount.  Perhaps next time...

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