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Monday, March 7, 2011

Age-ism in Azeroth? Whoa!

Calli, a mage on Hellscream EU, had problems with Al'Akir and writes the following:  "The problem is, I’m 41 next month.  My reflexes aren’t what they used to be, there are youngsters in our raid who act like they have the reaction times of rattlesnakes on crack and they handle fights like this with ease."  You can read the full post here:  Pew Pew Lazers.

This sentiment is echoed by Larisa here:  The Pink Pigtail Inn.  Larisa actually left her guild and then returned.

What is going on here Azeroth?  I recently had a run-in with one of my officers over similar sentiments.  Is Cata really making everyone question even their AGE???

I'd like to now post my comment to Calli here as a reply to all of you 20 something bastards that thinks 41 or 42 is soooo old.  And I quote:

"I’m 42. I’m not 92. I don’t wear adult diapers. My hands don’t shake with age. My vision is still good. And this isn’t professional football or the Olympics. This is an online video game that, imo, has more to do with perception, reflexes, your computer’s capabilities, and your audio-visual coordination than age.

Quite frankly, I’m getting sick of the attitude of some of the younger players, too. To them I say this–You will be 40+ one day, and I eagerly await that day…so the 20 somethings can blast both of us.

Cata is a different animal than Wrath. Dps and heal meters are not going to be the same on every fight. In fact, more fights are about survivability more so than meters. A good raid leader will recognize this and adjust his/her expectations accordingly, and according to gear levels, experience levels, etc. of the guildmates brought along for each fight. 

This isn’t to say you don’t have improvements to make–I just don’t think you are being carried from what I have read here. And I think a lot of people are experiencing similar frustrations in Cata. Keep your chin up, keep researching the fights and the changes to your class, and you should be fine."

I believe Cata is bringing out the elitist jerk in some more than others.  I also believe that age has nothing to do with play, unless you are 90 and have shaky hands, or similar age or non-age related diseases, such as parkinsons.  And I believe that some fights are going to be harder than others for some, and some people, like me, are just going to have mental blocks from time to time.  For Calli and Larisa it was Hodir and Al Akir, for me it was Sindragosa hardmode and Atramedes.  Sometimes, even great players have a bad day or a bad fight. 

Is wiping over and over fun?  Hell no, especially when you know it's, at least in part, your fault.  I do believe, though, that it is going to be part of the progression process throughout Cata.  I mean, it was in Wrath, and Wrath was a cakewalk compared to Cata.

And I believe that it won't always be my fault--next time, next fight, it very well could be the 20 something's fault.  What are you going to blame it on then?

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