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Thursday, March 31, 2011

RDF Vs. Sanity

I have no idea what is going on this week.  Is it spring break everywhere?  I mean, EVERYWHERE?

Both our Tuesday and Wednesday night raids were short so many people--and I mean people who didn't even sign UP--that we had to do two 10 man raids instead of a 25 man both nights.  Usually we are fairly close in sign ups, and by the time raid time hits, we are having to choose who goes and who gets sidelined until someone has to drop.

And I can understand it happening on ONE of the nights, but two nights in a row?

Which leads me to the title of this post.  WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE???

You know, I understand we have an "instant gratification" type of society.  It began with my generation--the MTV generation, the fast food babies.  McDonald's and MTV programmed my generation to want results for everything in 5 minutes or less.  Life does NOT work this way.

And my generation raised your generation using TV and video games as baby sitters, because suddenly one, and then two, income(s) weren't paying the bills anymore and we couldn't stay home like our mothers did.

So I understand that the new generation of kids wants things instant and easy.  I understand WHY they want it that way.

Just because I understand it does NOT mean I have to like it.  Or put up with it.

And this week so far has been worse than usual.  As in, 8 wipes on Ozruk in Stonecore and I still never got him down Wednesday.

So, if you are in my random dungeon and want to mouth off about my healing?  Or pull the whole room?  Or nitpick everyone else's class/spec/pet choice, etc.?  Or rush off to the next mob before everyone has full health and mana again?  Or wipe over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over before you finally figure out you should probably go watch a dungeon guide and learn your roll in the group?  (Yes, they have them at TankSpot!)

And I don't mean an occasional mistake or two.  I mean downright lazy, arrogant, elitist jerk playing.  I will pull the room and wipe your ass just before I leave.

You have officially been warned.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Socks Are On Fire--The True Story

If you hang out with my guild at all, or late-night in Stormwind following trade chat, from time to time you will hear someone ask me if I have microwaved any socks lately.  In fact, one of our officers has this for a signature line:

So, just in case there is anyone out there that is actually curious, here is the whole story:

It was raid night, Tuesday, at approximately 9pm pacific time.  We were making progress with ICC achievements, trying to get everyone closer to their drakes.  I had taken a bio break and realized that the socks that I had hand-washed earlier that day for my boyfriend, who works from 2am to 10am, would NOT be dry in time for him to wear them to work.  I had not been feeling good earlier, so I hadn't done a whole load of laundry.  I had merely washed 3 pair of his black nylon socks by hand, and not wanting to waste dryer money on 3 pairs of socks, had hung them up over the tub in the bathroom, leaving the bathroom fan on so they would dry. 

It wasn't working.  In fact, the socks were still dripping wet.

Now, I have used the microwave in the past to dry a cotton tshirt, or to heat up a towel for muscle pain, etc.  So, I grabbed a pair of his socks and put them in the microwave, setting it for 3 minutes.

And went back to raiding.  I can't remember exactly which boss we were on, but if you noticed, the date on the above "feat of strength" is last August, so we were definitely in ICC.  At any rate, we either wiped or downed him/her and were either regrouping or moving on to our next task, so I took this opportunity to check the microwave.

The socks were still soaking wet.  Arrgh!

I set the microwave for at least another 3 minutes, but it may have been five.

And joined my guild in vent and in the raid once more.

Remember I said his black NYLON socks?

A few minutes into the next fight, I started smelling something weird.  I ignored it at first, thinking maybe the cat farted or I lit the wrong end of a cigarette.  (I quit smoking soon after this happened.)  But in the back of my mind, I knew something was wrong.

"I'll be right back, my socks are on fire."  This is what my guildmates heard in vent.

I dropped my headphones, ran the 3 feet to the kitchen, opened the microwave, and sure enough--smoke was pouring out, the inside of my microwave was green from the dye leeching from the burning socks, and they literally began smoldering in earnest as the wave of fresh air hit them.  I didn't even think about it--I grabbed them by the edges and hurled them into the kitchen sink, turning the tap on high and dousing them with cold water.  I then turned the fan on over the stove in an effort to get the rolling black smoke sucked up out of the apartment.  I was hacking and coughing, but trying to keep it down so I didn't wake my sleeping boyfriend.

This all happened in the space of a couple of minutes.  When I was satisfied the socks were no longer in danger of setting the apartment on fire, and that the smoke was indeed being sucked up by the fan over the stove, I returned to vent and the raid, apologizing profusely for holding everyone up.

"Hearthyn, did I hear you right?  Did you say your SOCKS were on FIRE??"  So I explained that yes, they had caught fire, how they caught fire, and that I put them out and would not try that anymore.  Everyone laughed, and we began raiding once more.

Suddenly, the bedroom door burst open, my boyfriend came stumbling out, yelling "Where is the fire?  Where is the fire?"  I explained to him that everything was fine, and told everyone in vent to hang on one second.  My boyfriend took a look around the apartment, saw the smoke still lingering in the air, and with a confused look, said, "But there was a fire?"

I explained to him my attempt at drying his socks before he left for work, and how I had put the "fire" out and everything was fine now.  "Go back to bed, you still have several hours before you have to get up.  You need your sleep!"

He clutched his chest.

He was breathing funny, too.

I told the guild I had to go.

After two hours in the emergency room, we were relieved to find he had just had a panic attack, and that it wasn't his heart.

We had to throw out the microwave.

I learned my lesson.  I do not dry his socks in the microwave anymore.

Well, not his NYLON socks...and not on RAID night...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Daily Blink Does It Again! New Mage Buffs

My favorite online parody comics are at it again, and Whoa!  Look at those mage buffs!

I lol'd irl.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gamon's On Facebook, Quest Glitch in Stormpeaks

Well, everyone has one nowadays, so why shouldn't he?  Whoa! 

Gamon has a Facebook page.  Now you can go visit your lovable frenemy outside of Orgrimmar.  Here's the link:  Gamon's Facebook Page

Also, I don't know if any of you are like me--bored between raids already with day to day Cataclysm stuff and leveling alts to break the monotony--but the quest in Stormpeaks that sends you from the blue ladies in Brunnhildar to Dun Niffelem pre-friendly to rescue proto-drakes and frozen blue ladies?  If you are having trouble reaching the ladies entombed in ice and the drake won't move into range for you, try flying straight up first and then back down.  You should be able to get in close enough range to rescue the Brunnhilder popsicles before they freeze and your drake is pummeled by the giants.

Does anyone know if there is a "Maintenance Day" song yet to Rebecca Black's horrible "Friday" yet?  I would love a link.  Or someone to do a version.  Just a thought.

Happy Maintenance Day!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Looking Up Al'Akir's Skirt and 1 More Figurine Spot

For some reason, the platform disappeared tonight after I died during the Al'Akir fight.  I took the following screenshot:

I thought it looked kinda cool.

I also found another spawn location for the Mysterious Camel Figurine.  The coordinates are 33.19, 72.02, and I added it to the map:

I also took a much better picture of the tiny little figurine:

Happy Friday!

Tiers of Sadness

The guys at The Daily Blink have done it again:

Tiers of Sadness

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mysterious Camel Figurines--THE VIDEO! Whoa!

I keep getting asked by guildmates how to get the Reins of the Grey Riding CamelBelieve it or not, I have one on my main, Hearthyn, now.  I was also able to get some footage (the beginning) of the fight this time.

And so, without further ado, 


I am proud to present my second video of all time:



Monday, March 14, 2011

Ha Ha...

My boyfriend thinks he's soooo funny!


(Love my new bonnet?)

Chicken Humor on Korgath

Well, I never drink, but I drank some tonight.   That's right, got tipsy on the equivalent of 2 bottles of Smirnoff Ice.  Whoa!

And, I logged onto WoW after I drank this.  Right when someone was asking about some egg trinket.  The following Stormwind General Chat is the result:

[03:26:28][1. General] [Bandy]: I used to be terri-fried for him
[03:26:59][1. General] [Bandy]: He almost was killed on a Fri-day
[03:27:21][1. General] [Cetarin]: what are u talking about?
[03:27:27][1. General] [Tallie]: shes high
(random guild advertisement)
[03:28:21][1. General] [Bandy]: he was well eggucated
[03:28:23][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: fail...
[03:28:42][1. General] [Mutekin]: life love laugh, or u sir, are the fail
[03:28:53][1. General] [Mutekin]: live* umm, ya

[03:28:56][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: first off, i'm not sir
[03:28:59][1. General] [Bandy]: I suspect fowl play
[03:29:08][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: turkey
[03:29:20][1. General] [Mutekin]: son?

[03:29:27][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: you plucked that one outta thin air, eh
[03:30:17][1. General] [Bandy]: stop egging me on
[03:31:04][1. General] [Urapos]: If he doesn't stop, he'll be eating crow.
[03:31:18][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: CLUCK YOU

[03:31:38][1. General] [Bandy]: where do you find a chicken with no legs?
[03:31:44][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: right where you left it
[03:31:57][1. General] [Mutekin]: lol

[03:31:57][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: wait...IN DA BUCKET
[03:32:02][1. General] [Bandy]: lol

[03:32:32][1. General] [Bandy]: yer a real comedihen
[03:32:35][1. General] [Valkyrion]: I prefer right where you left it
[03:32:47][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: LOL

[03:33:12][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: don't get too Cock-y
[03:33:19][1. General] [Bandy]: such fowl language
[03:33:34][W:From] [Mutekin]: :)
[03:33:58][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: i used to like train jokes, but that was when i had a real loco motive

[03:34:21][1. General] [Mutekin]: this is more than i had ever hoped for lol, usually when i say something im ignored, i ask about a crappy item and u guys been going on for 20 minutes now
[03:34:31][W:To] [Mutekin]: xD
[03:34:48][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: I BLAME THE TANK

[03:34:53][1. General] [Bandy]: you're eggstra special :)
[03:35:11][1. General] [Valkyrion]: it was definitely the healers fault
[03:35:14][1. General] [Valkyrion]: I'm blameless
[03:35:14][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: i'm scrambling for a reply

[03:35:29][1. General] [Mutekin]: buzz, scramble was already used!
[03:35:46][1. General] [Bandy]: he's cooking up another reply
[03:35:53][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: shell i apologize?
[03:36:02][1. General] [Mutekin]: ok now ur good

[03:36:09][1. General] [Valkyrion]: lol
[03:36:13][1. General] [Bandy]: cracked me up!
[03:36:20][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: and i'm not a boy, i'm a chick
[03:36:24][1. General] [Crosh]: this is nonsense, you people have been cooped up too long

[03:36:35][1. General] [Valkyrion]: good one
[03:36:36][1. General] [Mutekin]: LOL
[03:36:41][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: LOL
[03:36:42][1. General] [Crosh]: -zing
[03:36:53][2. Trade] [Coviebear]: WTB  [Buzzard Wing] 2g each - pst

[03:37:04][1. General] [Bandy]: >Thyora<, u live in Chickago?
[03:37:04][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: LMAO trade chat

[03:37:35][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: nah, closer to HENderson, NV
[03:38:06][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: working for chicken scratch

[03:39:06][1. General] [Bandy]: maybe you're beakin' off to the boss too much
[03:40:54][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: well, brain is fried
[03:41:06][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: no yok
[03:41:24][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: yolk*
[03:41:38][1. General] [Bandy]: well, look at the sunny side, it could be Monday...oh wait

03:42:15][1. General] [Thyora][Hearthyn]: i won't roll over easy
[03:42:20][1. General] [Mutekin]: omg
[03:42:34][1. General] [Mutekin]: i may have to make this my main server

And there you have it.  Chicken jokes.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Alliance Till I Die

Ok, it's "Horde till I Die", but considering what they do to Gnomes in this video, I really like it.  Great job!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Success! Mysterious Camel Figurine

Ok, I forgot to turn fraps on.  I also forgot that I didn't have fraps on and therefore didn't take a screenshot of the kill.

However, while out farming ore on my warlock, I finally clicked on this Mysterious Camel Figurine (behind Betwena):

And Whoa!  A tornado came up, whisked me away to the Steam Pools between Silithus and Feralas, and brought me face to face with Dormus the Camel Hoarder.  I proceeded to whip the snot out of him (all the while pressing F9, mind you, so I'd get the whole video on fraps...DOH!), and he kindly keeled over dead and dropped Reins of the Grey Riding Camel.

I do have a pic of me on the camel:

Happy hunting!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

He Had to Die!

I am happy to report the Whaleshark in Vashjir is dead.

He had been asking for it since my first visit to Vashjir.  I didn't like him, he didn't like me, and I am glad I finally was able to wipe that huge grin off his face.

I even survived till the end.  Whoa!

I've still been sick, but I got to raid a little tonight--I did the Whaleshark thing, and BH on my druid and pally.  I also did Conclave of Wind on my pally.  So even though I still feel like crap, at least I got a few things accomplished.  And my pally got enough valor points to get new gloves.

So, peace for now.  Have fun and goodnight!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another Mysterious Camel Figurine

I found another spot, and I took a screenshot.

Here's how tiny they are:

I was farming on my death knight, and I use a route in Uldam that also takes me by every spot I have found the mysterious camel figurines.  I like to combine prospects whenever possible.  I hadn't found any in this spot before, but I had always figured it would be a great spot for one.  I was actually flying over it to head back to the other 2 spots north of there, when WHOA!  NPC Scan popped up the little target icon you see on my sexy map there.  I actually remembered to screenshot this one!  I took another without all the ui clutter, but you could barely see the figurine.

So, here's the updated map of the ones I have found (the tiny yellow dots):

Coordinates are 24.44, 59.98.  (Edited because I forgot to add these at the time of post.)

Alas, still none that have brought the little fellow out that whisks you away for the mount.  Perhaps next time...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Age-ism in Azeroth? Whoa!

Calli, a mage on Hellscream EU, had problems with Al'Akir and writes the following:  "The problem is, I’m 41 next month.  My reflexes aren’t what they used to be, there are youngsters in our raid who act like they have the reaction times of rattlesnakes on crack and they handle fights like this with ease."  You can read the full post here:  Pew Pew Lazers.

This sentiment is echoed by Larisa here:  The Pink Pigtail Inn.  Larisa actually left her guild and then returned.

What is going on here Azeroth?  I recently had a run-in with one of my officers over similar sentiments.  Is Cata really making everyone question even their AGE???

I'd like to now post my comment to Calli here as a reply to all of you 20 something bastards that thinks 41 or 42 is soooo old.  And I quote:

"I’m 42. I’m not 92. I don’t wear adult diapers. My hands don’t shake with age. My vision is still good. And this isn’t professional football or the Olympics. This is an online video game that, imo, has more to do with perception, reflexes, your computer’s capabilities, and your audio-visual coordination than age.

Quite frankly, I’m getting sick of the attitude of some of the younger players, too. To them I say this–You will be 40+ one day, and I eagerly await that day…so the 20 somethings can blast both of us.

Cata is a different animal than Wrath. Dps and heal meters are not going to be the same on every fight. In fact, more fights are about survivability more so than meters. A good raid leader will recognize this and adjust his/her expectations accordingly, and according to gear levels, experience levels, etc. of the guildmates brought along for each fight. 

This isn’t to say you don’t have improvements to make–I just don’t think you are being carried from what I have read here. And I think a lot of people are experiencing similar frustrations in Cata. Keep your chin up, keep researching the fights and the changes to your class, and you should be fine."

I believe Cata is bringing out the elitist jerk in some more than others.  I also believe that age has nothing to do with play, unless you are 90 and have shaky hands, or similar age or non-age related diseases, such as parkinsons.  And I believe that some fights are going to be harder than others for some, and some people, like me, are just going to have mental blocks from time to time.  For Calli and Larisa it was Hodir and Al Akir, for me it was Sindragosa hardmode and Atramedes.  Sometimes, even great players have a bad day or a bad fight. 

Is wiping over and over fun?  Hell no, especially when you know it's, at least in part, your fault.  I do believe, though, that it is going to be part of the progression process throughout Cata.  I mean, it was in Wrath, and Wrath was a cakewalk compared to Cata.

And I believe that it won't always be my fault--next time, next fight, it very well could be the 20 something's fault.  What are you going to blame it on then?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why I haven't posted lately

I love the murloc hats!  Grglmrgl.

So, love the video and the song.  I'm working on some things, but I seem to have a  300 pound elephant parking his fat rear on my chest--WHOA!--I think I'm coming down with something, and it hurts to breathe.

As soon as I get my project done and get feeling better, I'll post more.  Have fun and remember--if it's RED it's DEAD!

Friday, March 4, 2011


I am happy to report that the 10 man version of Cho'Gall is dead.  You can all rest easy tonight. (Yes, rest easy, wretched mongrels.)  Korgath is safe for the moment.  (Safe.  So much safer!)

At least in normal mode.

I have to say, it was bittersweet.  It was great finally seeing an end boss in Cataclysm.  However, it was during an ALT run--WHOA!  That's right, we did in an alt run what our 25 man main run hasn't been able to do yet.  Not only that, but our guild master wasn't there even though he was online for at least half, if not all, of the run.

He popped into vent to congratulate us and ask if anyone took a screenshot.  (Doh!  The above was taken by our raid leader tonight, not by me.)  I felt like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar.  And chocolate chips all over his mouth.

And cookie breath.

Let me clarify a couple of points though.  First, the alt run ended up being a main run--once we had caught up to where our 25 man had gotten to Wednesday night, we brought our mains in for the big finish.  (Thank you, Blizzard, and your new raid lockout system!)  And second, this was 10 man and probably much easier because of it.

I didn't stand in fire.  YAY!

I don't envy our raid leaders one bit.  To try to get 25 people to not stand in fire, all move left, not collect sound, get out of the purple rings-flame jets-pools, to switch dps to the boss with more health, bang the gongs, stand in the white circles, interrupt blast nova-arcane storm-release aberrants-etc-etc, and all of the myriads of other wonderful things they need to not do or do in order to raid successfully in Cata--it boggles my mind.  I led some alt raids in Ice Crown, and they don't quite compare to what goes on in the new raids.  Really, our leaders have my utmost respect, awe and gratitude.

So, congratulations, TNF!  We now have Cho'Gall on farm and can start learning heroic modes.

Now THAT kill I will screenshot.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Raid Night Blues

My guild raids every Tuesday, usually Wednesday, and sometimes Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  However, the official raid nights are Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tonight was no exception, and as usual, we started out in Black Wing Descent.

We like to do 25 man raids for 3 reasons.  Reason number 1.) it just seems like the bosses are slightly more forgiving for 25 man; reason number 2.) we can include more members and good players don't get left out; and reason number 3.) more loot.

By the way, we don't raid for loot.  We raid for the thrill of downing a boss (and loot), for the joy of watching 25 random people from all over the country, and sometimes the world, get together (loot), make it work (loot), and accomplish greatness (LOOT).

All joking aside, for that to work to perfection, you do need loot.  Gear, trinkets, weapons, etc.  Epic loot.  I know, skill > loot (believe me, I do, see below), however loot does have quite a bit of bearing on success.  Don't believe me?  Well, let me just say, you should have been there one week into Cata when we first visited BWD (wipefest), or the Saturday after Cata dropped when we 5-manned Marrowgar (I wanted to cry!) with an 83 tank in greens and blues.

But, I digress.  We raided BWD tonight, in fact we one-shotted Magmaw, 2-shotted the trons, and one-shotted Maloriak.

And of course, someone had to point out how well we were doing.

Remember I said skill > gear?  Mine goes out the window on certain fights, and tonight it was Atramedes.  In fact, last week it was Atramedes.  And the week before that...

I don't know why, I dodge the discs fine at the start, but somewhere in the middle everything goes haywire, my sound gets to 100 and I'm staring at the raid through a "Release Spirit" pop-up.  Almost every time, for several attempts, until I finally get it down and we get the kill.

Does this happen to you?  It's almost as if my brain says, "Ok, gonna take a nap.  This fight's too easy and shouldn't require any thought processes on my part.  Have fun!"  Yep, it's always the easy fights.  I mean, sure, there's a lot going on for this fight, but it's all fairly simple mechanics--avoid discs, fire, flame breath.  I'm a healer, and we always have a mage on the gongs, so I don't even have to worry about THEM!  Yet, even though the discs are slow, even though the fire is obvious, even though I've done this fight several times now, I still just can't seem to get it right the first time.  Or the second.

I had the same problem for Sindragosa hardmode.  I would dodge ice bolts just fine at first, and then BAM!  Dead.  Over.  And over.  One night it literally was over and over.  My poor raid leader...

And yet, our first attempts on Al Akir, with everyone trying to figure out the intricate dance moves of when to head in for Wind Burst while also finding the opening in the squall line--I had it.  I was usually the last one standing.  I figured out how to use Wind Burst to place myself at exactly the right spot to position myself perfectly for the opening. 

At one point, my guildmates wouldn't even lend up a battle rez tonight.  Whoa!

Yeah, I hear you loud and clear.  If it's any consolation, I'm frustrated with me, too.

Here, just in case you want to watch it with me: