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Friday, February 25, 2011


My name is Shannon, and I play an alliance restoration druid named Hearthyn on the Korgath realm.  That's right, I'm a World of Warcraft fanatic.  An addict.  I have 4 85's as a matter of fact, Hearthyn is simply my main.

And my baby.

And yes, I am well aware that hearthing is how we get home.  But I wasn't at the time I created her.  She was my very first toon, and I named her in honor of my daughter.

Ok, for some background info.  I created Hearthyn in October of 2008, just before WotLK dropped.  I had been fighting with my boyfriend for weeks, months even, about whether or not I actually "should" play mmorpg's.  He insisted I would love them, and I insisted I hated playing online with other actual people.  At that point my only experience with multiplayer games was MSN's The Zone, and I was tired of getting asked "a/s/l" and "what are you wearing" every time I played there.  Also, I had watched him play Medal of Honor, and I was not interested in shoot-em-up type games.

I do love the guy, though, so I tried Guild Wars.  Then Everquest.  The first was fun, the latter was ok but to this day still gives me motion sickness.  Plus, I knew my son played WoW from time to time.  So I decided to try it, since he lives 2200 miles away and we could keep in touch more through the game.

Long story short, I now have 4 85's, play on 4 realms (albeit rarely on the other 3), have both horde and alliance toons, and am in a semi-casual raiding guild on Korgath.

Now, I have never felt the need to blog about my WoW play up to this point.  But Cataclysm seems to be bringing out the elitist jerk in everyone lately.  And I simply wanted 2 things:  1.) A place to vent; and 2.) A place to share links and secrets to help enhance play.

I have a level 85 warlock, death knight, and paladin.  So I plan on sharing links I've found for those classes as well as my resto druid. Please, if you have information you would like to share, post it.  I am always looking to better my game play and increase my effective healing and/or dps.

Welcome to my World of Whoa!

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