The purpose of this blog is to document my joys, frustrations, unique finds and general information pertaining to my experiences playing World of Warcraft.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not So Funny Story

I start my comp today, and as soon as my account loads I get a message for a Java update.  So, since I need Java, I of course click yes to both windows that pop up.  Whoa!  Some random program (called AntiMalware) I've never seen before pops up and starts scanning.  I shut it down.  It pops a small window up that says "Windows Alerts", tells me my computer is infected, and that "the scan for the computer is ready now". 


Three hours and at least 5 trojans later, I can use my computer again.

Apparently the hackers are taking advantage of vulnerabilities in Java's automatic updates.(?)  If you need to update Java, I suggest you go directly to their website HERE.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mysterious Camel Figurine

I am a sucker for rare spawns.  That's right, you've seen me hovering over Bor's Breath, camping Vyragosa, hoping for a shot at the extremely rare Time-Lost Proto Drake.

And Cata has 2 new mounts.  From rares.  Whoa!  (I'm trying to keep with the blog theme here.)

More and more information is appearing, and you can find some of it here.  However, I thought I'd go ahead and post the coordinates, along with a map with little yellow dots, of some of the actual places I have found the rare Mysterious Camel Figurine.

The coordinates are:
34.34, 19.72
33.68, 25.40
25.42, 51.09
20.43, 53.59

Supposedly more spawn down at Schnottz's Landing, the Ruins of Ammon, Neferset, even over by the Halls of Origination.  However, I have yet to find any in locations other than the four shown here.

Happy hunting!

Friday, February 25, 2011

When to Innervate and Why I Love Teh Blink

This is why I made this blog.  So I can share genius "whoa!" links like this one:  Making The Most of Innervate.  Never in a million years would I have thought of this on my own.  Call me fail, whatever, but at least I am willing to learn.  And thank you Keeva.

And this is why I love The Daily Blink:


My name is Shannon, and I play an alliance restoration druid named Hearthyn on the Korgath realm.  That's right, I'm a World of Warcraft fanatic.  An addict.  I have 4 85's as a matter of fact, Hearthyn is simply my main.

And my baby.

And yes, I am well aware that hearthing is how we get home.  But I wasn't at the time I created her.  She was my very first toon, and I named her in honor of my daughter.

Ok, for some background info.  I created Hearthyn in October of 2008, just before WotLK dropped.  I had been fighting with my boyfriend for weeks, months even, about whether or not I actually "should" play mmorpg's.  He insisted I would love them, and I insisted I hated playing online with other actual people.  At that point my only experience with multiplayer games was MSN's The Zone, and I was tired of getting asked "a/s/l" and "what are you wearing" every time I played there.  Also, I had watched him play Medal of Honor, and I was not interested in shoot-em-up type games.

I do love the guy, though, so I tried Guild Wars.  Then Everquest.  The first was fun, the latter was ok but to this day still gives me motion sickness.  Plus, I knew my son played WoW from time to time.  So I decided to try it, since he lives 2200 miles away and we could keep in touch more through the game.

Long story short, I now have 4 85's, play on 4 realms (albeit rarely on the other 3), have both horde and alliance toons, and am in a semi-casual raiding guild on Korgath.

Now, I have never felt the need to blog about my WoW play up to this point.  But Cataclysm seems to be bringing out the elitist jerk in everyone lately.  And I simply wanted 2 things:  1.) A place to vent; and 2.) A place to share links and secrets to help enhance play.

I have a level 85 warlock, death knight, and paladin.  So I plan on sharing links I've found for those classes as well as my resto druid. Please, if you have information you would like to share, post it.  I am always looking to better my game play and increase my effective healing and/or dps.

Welcome to my World of Whoa!